We Taste Test This Brand New Vegetarian Curry Noodle. Here's Our Verdict

The noodles are 100% vegetarian-friendly, with no garlic and onion.

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Vegetarians and curry lovers, rejoice! Mamee recently launched a brand new Vegetarian Curry flavour, yasss :D

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Whether you're vegetarian or just love eating curry noodles, Mamee Vegetarian Curry is perfect if you wanna whip up a quick meal or have a late-night snack. 

The best part is that it's 100% vegetarian-friendly. All the ingredients are handpicked to cater to vegetarians, which is why there is no garlic and onion. Plus, Mamee Vegetarian Curry is made with no added preservatives, so you can always enjoy your favourite noodles without any worries.

To see how good this new flavour really is, we did a taste test of the Mamee Vegetarian Curry

Each pack of Mamee Vegetarian Curry comes with noodles and a sachet of seasoning powder. All it takes is just two minutes on the stove or microwave to prepare, super easy!

We felt a little extra, so we added some additional ingredients like carrots, long beans, terung, and tau pok

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And ta-da, here's the finished product!

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Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS

What we loved most about the noodles was the super flavourful curry soup :9

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Although it's a vegetarian curry, the soup was packed with spices and flavour. But if you can't take spicy food, don't worry 'cause the heat is just nice.

The noodles were also nice and springy, and soaked up all the tasty goodness of the soup, yummm!

Mamee's new Vegetarian Curry flavour is now available at your nearest supermarkets and grocery stores. No matter whether you're vegetarian or a curry lover, #IniKarilah for everyone! ;P

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