It's Harumanis Season! Get 30% Off The 'King Of Mangoes' With Free Delivery On The MAE App

You can redeem this promo up to 10 times!

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Maybank. 

Harumanis season is back! Yassssssss. :D

If you're not familiar with Harumanis mangoes, they are premium mangoes that are carefully grown and harvested by farmers and the Kelompok Harumanis Perlis Association in Perlis. 

Since its introduction, Malaysians have been head over heels for Harumanis, and are always clamouring to get their hands on the seasonal fruit. 

Known for its extremely sweet and distinct taste, as well as having lots of flesh with barely any fibre, it's no wonder why Malaysians dub the Harumanis as the "King of all Mangoes" :9

Despite being available only in Perlis, many resellers and distributors sell the Harumanis mangoes online, but they often run out quickly. And in most cases, the mangoes are sold at a high markup. 

Here's the good news — Maybank is collaborating with the Kelompok Harumanis Perlis Association and the Perlis state government to bring you yummy mango goodness at a reasonable price!

Through this initiative, Maybank is letting you directly support Perlis farmers by ordering the Harumanis mangoes via the Sama-Sama Lokal platform on the MAE app! 

The best part? The Sama-Sama Lokal platform does not charge any commission, which means that 100% of the earnings will go to the Perlis farmers. Nice lahhhh. 

We managed to get our hands on a box of Harumanis mangoes delivered all the way from Perlis. Here's our verdict:

Image via SAYS

Shipped all the way from Perlis, we received four mangoes, which weigh about 3kg in total. 

What's cool about the packaging is that there is Maybank's Sama-Sama Lokal sticker on the front of the box. On the side, the distributor wrote a recommended date to consume the mangoes. Pretty helpful for noobs like us! 

Image via SAYS

If you don't know, most ripe Harumanis mangoes' skin remains green in colour, instead of the usual bright yellow skin colour you see in supermarkets. It may be hard to tell when it's ripe to eat, but so long as you eat it on the recommended date, you're good to go!

Now, on to the taste test. Our verdict? So sweet and creamy! Unlike most mangoes, the plump Harumanis mango is juicy and has a silky smooth texture that made it oh-so-delectable. You just have to try it for yourself. 

Priced at only RM120 for 3kg of Harumanis mangoes on the MAE app, they're an absolute steal.

Plus, Maybank is also giving an additional 30% discount (up to RM36) and free delivery across West Malaysia, wahhhh!

These promos are available from now until 22 May, so make sure to enjoy them while they last.

And that's not all. You can redeem the promo code up to 10 times* throughout the campaign, woohoo!  

*Redeemable once per day. 

Here's how to enjoy the promo:

STEP 1: Head over to your MAE app and tap "Order Now" on the Sama-Sama Lokal banner 

STEP 2: Key in your delivery address and fill out your details

STEP 3: Tap the Harumanis mangoes banner under the "Promotions" segment 

STEP 4: Order your mangoes and key in the "HARUMANIS30" promo code* at the checkout page

And that's it! #MariBeliLokal lah. ;)

*Minimum spend of RM120. 

So, whatchu waiting for? Head over to the MAE app to order today!

You can also find out more about the Sama-Sama Lokal initiative here

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