OREO Lovers Rejoice! McCafe Has An All-New Range Of OREO Drinks You Confirm Will Love

OREO ready? ;)

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Calling all OREO fans!

McCafé from McDonald's has just launched a new range of OREO drinks and omg, they LOOK. SO. GOOD. :9

The new range comes in three different blends and, of course, every OREO fan will confirm try all of them! 

Upon its launch, we quickly got our hands on the drinks and gave them a try. Here's what they taste like:

1. McCafé Iced Chocolate with OREO

If you're game for a rich, creamy chocolate beverage, topped with OREO cookie pieces and whipped cream, you should totally try this one.

The crunchy OREO goodness blended really well with the chocolate. It was a delightful combination, plus the drink was absolutely thirst-quenching. It's our personal favourite! Sooo good. :9

2. McCafé Ice Blended Chocolate with OREO

This beverage not only comes with crunchy OREO crumbles, but lots of ice bits as well. If you enjoy munching while drinking, this is your go-to OREO beverage. Plus, we could also taste hints of chocolate syrup after each sip, which made munching the OREO cookies so delightful and chocolatey. Yummy!

Pro tip: Drink this ice-blended beverage on extra hot days to cool you off instantly!

3. McCafé Ice Blended Mocha With OREO

If you need some coffee to keep you awake during the afternoon, you should give the McCafé Ice Blended Mocha with OREO a try!

Magic happens when two great flavours, coffee and chocolate, come together hehe. Top it off with crunchy OREO goodness and some whipped cream, it's the ultimate, deliciously rich, tea time drink!

And hurry, ok? These drinks are only available from now until 30 December. Treat yourself with some OREO goodness this year-end, oomph, so good!

The new blends are available at any McDonald's outlets near you. Plus, if you want to try them from the comfort of your own home, you can order the drinks via McDelivery or head over to their Drive-Thru!

*All McCafé drinks availability vary according to restaurants. Terms and conditions apply.

Don't forget to use the McDonald's app when you order your drinks to enjoy even better deals! :o

Getting two of the same drinks to go? Use the app and enjoy discounts!

Or if you want some snacks to go with your drink, McCafé offers a range of cakes for a chocolicious or sweet evening. :9

And these promotions are available until 30 December:
- 2 McCafe Ice Blended Mocha (Large) for only RM 20
- 2 McCafe Ice Blended Chocolate (Large) for only RM 20
- McCafe Iced Chocolate (Medium) & Belgium Chocolate/Red Velvet Cake for RM 18

You can download the app on Google Play or App Store

Whatchu waiting for? Head to your nearest McCafé today and satisfy your OREO cravings with the ultimate OREO drinks!

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