McD's Limited Edition Spicy Korean Burger Is Back With A Complete 'Seoul Experience'

Jinjja daebak! <3

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If you haven't heard yet, McDonald's Malaysia recently brought back their Spicy Korean Burger for a limited time only <3

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The Spicy Korean Burger is part of McDonald's 'Discover The World' campaign, which gives Malaysians a chance to experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of other countries.

When we first heard that it's back, we knew we had to get it because it's been a while since this special burger appeared on the menu. We were actually lucky enough to try the Spicy Korean Burger back when it launched in 2017, and mannnn have we been craving for more of it every year since then!

For those of you who haven't had it, the Spicy Korean Burger comes with a juicy grilled beef or crispy chicken patty between two warm charcoal buns

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The burger is also stacked with mixed vegetables, caramelised onions, and melty cheese. But the real star of the show is definitely the spicy Korean sauce - creamy, tangy, with just the right amount of heat.

Each set also comes with criss-cut chips and an ice-cold Fanta Strawberry McFreeze to help you soothe your burning tastebuds. :'P

Yasss the criss-cut chips were super crispy and yummy!

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After sinking our teeth into the Spicy Korean Burger, we gotta say it was well worth the wait. We especially loved the crispy chicken patty and all the different textures! And that soft charcoal bun... mmm it soaks up all the spicy Korean sauce, for an explosion of flavours in your mouth. The burger itself is quite a good size too, so you'll definitely be satisfied after having it!

Spicy Korean Burger (Chicken)

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For dessert, McD also introduced new Black Forest flavoured desserts, along with some of our favourite McDip flavours

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The Black Forest McFlurry blends sweet strawberry swirls with chocolate bits and vanilla sundae, while the Black Forest Pie features a delicious pairing of sweet strawberry with oozing creamy custard in a crispy chocolate pie shell. Ice-cream lovers can also upgrade their sundae cones with McDip flavours like matcha, chocolate, and caramel.

We got to enjoy our Spicy Korean Burger and sweet treats with a complete 'Seoul Experience' at McDonald's Putrajaya

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If you want to get the full 'Seoul Experience' when eating your burger, then you'll want to visit McDonald's Putrajaya (Presint 2). They recently decked the entire outlet with Korean lamps, road signs, and other decor, so that you'll feel like you're actually in Seoul.

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Even the McDonald's Drive-Thru is decorated with pretty round Korean paper lamps! <3

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By the lakeside, there's also a cute backdrop that's perfect for that Insta-worthy shot. Plus, you can even reenact your favourite K-drama scenes beside the cherry blossom trees. We had so much fun posing with all the decor, that we almost lost track of time!

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The 'Seoul Experience' at McDonald's Putrajaya (Presint 2) will only be around for a limited time, so don't miss it. Head over with your friends from now until 12 August for this one-of-a-kind experience!

In conjunction with the Spicy Korean Burger, McDonald's Malaysia is also launching the #McDaebak TikTok Challenge

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Just by taking part in the #McDaebak TikTok Challenge, you'll be entitled to get 30% off your next Spicy Korean Burger purchase. You'll also be in the running to win up to RM10,000 of McDonald's cash vouchers.

Here's how to participate:

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STEP 1: Purchase a McDonald's Spicy Korean Burger (Beef or Chicken).
STEP 2: Record yourself taking a bite of the burger and transforming into a daebak (awesome) version of yourself with the song 'Clap' on TikTok.
STEP 3: Upload your video on TikTok and hashtag #McDaebak, and remember to set your profile to public.
STEP 4: Copy the TikTok video URL and submit your entry via the McD app.

Here are the prizes up for grabs:
First Prize: RM3,000 McDonald's cash voucher x 1
Second Prize: 
RM2,000 McDonald’s cash voucher x 1
Third Prize: RM1,000 McDonald’s cash voucher x 1
Consolation Prize: RM400 McDonald’s cash voucher x 10

Check out these TikTok videos for some inspiration, and find out more here:

The Spicy Korean Burger and 'Seoul Experience' is available in McDonald's from now until 12 August. Head over to their microsite or follow them on Facebook to find out more!

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