Attention, Folks! McDonald's Is Now Serving Dinosaur McFlurry And All-New BBQ Beef Burger

I'm lovin' it!

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In my opinion, the government should enforce a Movement Control Order (MCO) on my body.

I can't seem to control the movement of food from my hand to my mouth.

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If you're just like me, you would be ecstatic to hear that McDonald's Malaysia is rolling out a few new menu additions.

Say hello to the never-before-seen BBQ Beef Burger!

You cannot go wrong with this masterpiece. It comes with sesame seed buns, juicy grilled beef patty, cheese, caramelised onions, and a generous drizzle of McD's new smoky BBQ sauce.

The normal burger is served with a single patty but if you're feeling bold, you can opt for the Double BBQ Beef Burger.

On McDelivery, a medium set of the BBQ Beef Burger costs RM19.80.

Besides that, the Dinosaur McFlurry and Strawberry Custard Pie is making a comeback!

Just think of rich chocolate malt swirled in with the classic vanilla soft serve. It's the perfect treat for hot days at home!

For RM7.08, you can get it delivered to you!

If you want a warm dessert instead, you can try the Strawberry Custard Pie. The name is pretty self-explanatory, McDonald's classic deep-fried crispy pie shell is filled with sweet strawberry jam and creamy custard. 

You can have it as dessert after a meal or on its own as a snack!

If you didn't get to try these the last time they were around, then now is the time

Available from 3 April, you can only get these desserts through McDelivery or Drive-Thru. Make sure to practise social distancing!

Remember to #JustStayAtHome. Watch the latest update on the COVID-19 situation:

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