Go Large: McDonald's Brings Back Large Fries So We Can Finally Feel Full With Our Meals

Go large or go home! :D

Cover image via Restaurant And Cafe & 7NEWS

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After being limited to only getting medium fries at McDonald's for more than half a year in Malaysia, you can finally go large at the fast food chain!

On its Instagram account yesterday, 8 August, McDonald's Malaysia announced the return of large fries in a pun-laden post.

"No more sacri-fries, large cravings satis-fried," said the global fast food giant.

At the time of writing, the post has garnered over 22,000 views and 2,100 likes

Many netizens were cheering for the return of large fries.

On 24 January, McDonald's Malaysia announced that they would stop serving large fries due to a "fry-tening supply crunch"

Malaysia was not spared from the global potato shortage and supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic.

Evidently, in December last year, McDonald's Japan halted the sales of hash browns as well as medium and large French fries due to the lockdowns in the US. Japan was the US' largest overseas market for potatoes.

Late last month, Malaysian customers also noticed that hash browns were temporarily discontinued from its breakfast menu, but they made a return less than a week later.

China, Russia, India, and the US are the world's top potato producers, and the latter had to destroy a glut of millions of potatoes due to lockdowns in the nation:

Malaysians love their potato fixes at McDonald's: