Love McDonald's French Fries? You Gotta Check Out This Cute New Crosswalk In Bukit Bintang

Follow the crosswalk to get a satis-frying fix of the world-famous french fries. :P

Cover image via 2cents & 9GAG

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A trip to McDonald's is never complete without its irresistible fries.

Our love for this greasy potato goodness goes so deep that McDonald's Malaysia recently depicted its world-famous french fries on a crosswalk in Bukit Bintang.

You'll find the new splash of colour in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, directly in front of McDonald's Bukit Bintang.

Did you know that this was the first McDonald's outlet to open its doors in Malaysia? It was established 40 years ago, back in 1982, a fun fact you can think about as you pass the McDonald's crosswalk for some burgers and fries. :P

Image via 9GAG

Officially unveiled on 15 March, the crosswalk is a unique landmark in KL city, and has garnered excitement from Malaysian netizens

According to managing director and local operating partner of McDonald's Malaysia Dato' Azmir Jaafar, the installation is intended to attract both local and international tourists

"We hope that by transforming the Bukit Bintang crosswalk into the McDonald's Fries Crosswalk, we can help solidify Kuala Lumpur as a must-visit tourist attraction for travellers and Malaysians alike," he said, adding that this initiative also goes in line with the government's plan to make Kuala Lumpur a prosperous city by 2030. 

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