Mekdi Lovers, Rejoice! You Can Now Dine-In At All McDonald's Outlets Throughout Malaysia

Let's relive those happy and fun moments at McD!

Cover image via McDonald's Malaysia & @mcdonaldsmalaysia (Instagram)

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Y'all, it's finally happening! McDonald's is re-opening their doors and allowing dine-ins at their restaurants nationwide, yayy!

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It's been sooo long since we've been able to eat at McDonald's, kan? While we're grateful to have been able to order in and takeaway our meals to fulfil our Mekdi cravings before, now we can makan sekali with our buddies at any McD outlet, teehee.

Of course, it's important that we also stay safe by following all SOPs and practising physical distancing when going out.

Now that McDonald's has reopened, it's time for us to rekindle those happy and fun moments we used to experience with our loved ones <3

From pulling all-nighters with our study mates at their 24-hour outlets, to celebrating McD-themed birthday parties, confirm all of us have our own feel-good memories that we'll never forget. :) It's great that we get to make new memories now that dine-in is possible at McDonald's.

To reminisce all those happy times, they've released a series of heartwarming and relatable video clips in various languages. Each of these clips portray those simple yet meaningful memories we've experienced before at McDonald's. 

Jom, check out these Malaysian McDonald's experiences and see if you miss these moments or not:

1. Getting ourselves a hot, freshly brewed cup of coffee to start our day was the bomb

And, if we had extra time, grabbing a McD breakfast like a Sausage Egg McMuffin or Hotcakes hits the spot. ;)

2. Heading to McDonald's with our families was certainly enjoyable, especially if we got lucky with our Happy Meal toys, hehe!

If you claim you've never tried getting a Happy Meal when you're an adult, dun lie, okay. We know you've tried at some point. :P

3. And of course lahh, always got that one friend who say they don't want fries with their meal, then end up taking yours anyway

Suka hati je take our fries summore. Oh well, sharing is caring, amiright? We'll always end up laughing about it anyway.

4. Who could forget all the unusual ways we tried to mix and match our McD meals? Especially the fries and sundae combo, sooo sedaaap.

Whether it's this combo, or you like to add fries to your preferred McD burger, everyone has their own unique way of mixing it up. The best part is, no one will judge you for it, nyehehe.

Haaa, so are you ready to relive these memorable moments again? Jom, let's go to Mekdi and makan puas-puas with our friends and family! Find out more over at McDonald's website.

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