Classic Or Spicy, These McDonald's Chicken Burgers Will Satisfy Your Every Craving

Are you feeling classic or a little adventurous today?

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Mekdi lovers, one thing we absolutely can't resist is sinking our teeth into a juicy McChicken, amirite? <3


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Whether it's a quick bite in between classes or meetings, or a late night supper run with your friends, McChicken and fries always hit the spot. Nom nom nom, sooo satisfyinggg!

A long-time fan favourite, the good ol' McChicken never fails — a heart-shaped chicken patty made with 100% breast meat cooked to golden perfection, topped with fresh lettuce and special sauce, between a toasted sesame bun, what's not to like?

But sometimes, we just want something extra like a little bit of spice. ;P

ICYMI, McDonald's Malaysia is now offering a spicy rendition of the McChicken

Spicy McChicken

Image via SAYS

In essence, the Spicy McChicken (only available in West Malaysia) comes with a spicy chicken patty, along with everything you love from the classic version.

Basically, it's great for when you're in the mood for a classic chicken burger with a twist.

Ultimately, everyone has different tastes. Whether you love the classic McChicken, or the classic with a twist, McDonald's has the best range of chicken burgers to satisfy your tastebuds!

Image via SAYS

From classic go-to burgers that won't disappoint to exciting new flavours for adventurous foodies, McDonald's wants to encourage all their customers, you do you, love whatever you love!

It's up to you to decide whatchu wanna eat and what makes you happy, after all. ;)

P.S. If you're in the mood for something else, McDonald's has a whole range of options to choose from, including their Spicy Fish Burger

Spicy Fish Burger

Image via SAYS

Perfect for fish lovers, enjoy a crispy fish fillet patty topped with your favourite spicy garlic sauce, yumm!

Don't miss this limited time offer to get your favourite chicken burger fix by eating in-store, taking away, ordering via McDelivery, or visiting a McDonald's Drive-Thru!

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