Huat Ah! Take Your CNY Reunion Up A Notch With Fuyoh8 For Extra Ong & More

A time for family members to gather, eat, celebrate, and be merry together. 'Huat' are you waiting for? ;)

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It's almost Chinese New Year, which means... reunion dinner!

The main highlight of the festive season is, of course, the annual reunion dinner, where the whole family gathers around a table filled with scrumptious dishes and enjoys sharing the food while catching up with each other. There is sure to be lots of laughter and interesting stories told, which keeps everyone up till late.

These reunion dinners also signify togetherness and the solidarity of the family since everyone from different states (or even countries!) gather the night before the Lunar New Year.

But, did you know that these reunion dinners come with some particular customs? Lai, let's have a look at our faves:

1. Traditional yee sang tossing is done by shouting lucky phrases

During the traditional yee sang toss, everyone will have to shout lucky phrases like 'huat ah', 'ong ah', while tossing the unique prosperity dish as high as possible to invite longevity and prosperity for the whole year.

2. The variety of dishes at the table are well planned and carry different meanings

All the dishes prepared are carefully thought out as they bring different auspicious meanings, and there are usually about eight to nine dishes prepared. The cohesiveness of the dishes and family gathered around will invite good luck for the year.

3. Everyone will wear either red or gold-coloured outfits for the dinner

The colours red and gold are believed to usher in wealth. That's why many (if not all) members of the family will be wearing these rich colours. 

4. Lights in the house remain on during Chinese New Year's Eve

After reunion dinner, everyone usually stays up late, and the lights in the house are kept on. This is a way to invite a bright future in the coming year.  

5. CNY decorations are displayed all over the house

From blooming flowers and paper pineapples to red lanterns and Mandarin oranges, New Year decorations are a must for good luck, prosperity, and warding off evil.  

If you're looking for a reunion dinner meal that can be shared with everyone from your ah kong and ah ma to your little nieces and nephews, then Domino's Fuyoh8 combo meal is the way to go!

This complete meal can be enjoyed by up to eight pax and comes with three regular pizzas, one choice of chicken side, one choice of bread side, and a 1.5-litre bottle of soft drink, all of which cost only from RM79.90 — that's below RM10 per person, what a steal!

Whether it's a sleepover or a gathering with friends, Domino's Pizza has been always our go-to food to order.

It's easy to share, satisfies our tummies, and delivers fast too, especially in situations where you get more guests than expected during CNY.

Not sure what pizza flavour to choose? Check out these festive Fuyoh Huat flavours:

Chicken Feast Pepperoni — Packed with an abundance of extra cheesy chicken pepperoni, topped with more creamy cheese sauce and sausages, this pizza is great for those who love a hearty feast

Chinese New Year is all about togetherness because everyone in the family gathers under one roof. This pizza is no different as it has every topping you would ever want in a pizza — cheese, chicken pepperoni, sausages, and creamy, cheesy sauce, which contributes to you having an abundant and blessed new year celebration.

Super Cheese — Cheese lovers, it's your time to bring in good luck with this golden coin-shaped pizza with ultimate cheese pull and creamy goodness, thanks to 30% extra mozzarella cheese paired with a creamy garlic butter Top Secret Sauce!

Resembling a huge golden coin, receiving or buying this cheesy pizza is believed to bring in good luck. On top of that, you could start a cheese pull tradition during Chinese New Year reunions, after the traditional yee sang toss. Plus, no one would be able to resist this creamy goodness, so confirm the whole box will be gone in just a few minutes.

Aloha Chicken — If you want to welcome more ong into your life, then you have to go with this pizza that has juicy pineapple chunks and succulent shredded chicken. Ong lai, ah!

Pineapple, or ong lai, is a very popular fruit during CNY because it also means 'fortune come' in Cantonese and Hokkien. That's also the reason why every household has pineapple tarts during the festive season. This time around, why not invite more luck to your home by sharing and eating Domino's Aloha Chicken Pizza?

Can't resist the temptation of these mouth-watering pizzas? Head over to Domino's website today to order their Fuyoh8 combo meal.

All you have to do is use the code 'FUYOH8' to enjoy the discount!

The promo is only available up to 5 February, so be quick to grab the amazing deal today! 

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