"Crunchy Or Slimy?" — Eatery Serves Fried Rice Variation With Huge & Juicy Sago Worms

It's priced at just RM15.90!

Cover image via William Tan (Facebook)

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Fried rice is one of the most diverse dishes on the planet.

You can make many variations and add anything to it — and when we say anything, we mean ANYTHING.

A café in Lorong Selamat, Penang, is going viral for a rather earthly dish that you've probably never seen a day in your life before. Specialising in Sarawakian cuisine, Rumah Asap Kenyalang Café has a plethora of local savours with everything from wantan mee, laksa, mee kolo, and mee soto.

As of recent, the most popular dish that has been making its way around social media would have to be fried rice, that contains one special ingredient — sago worms.

If you're wondering, no, the worms are not alive!

For just RM15.90, customers can order this item that's packed in protein and voluminous in size

Referred to as a delicacy in Bornean culture, Sago worms would definitely be considered an exotic addition to any dish. However, it would be hard to find them just anywhere in the nation, had it not been for the Sarawakian eatery that's made its way to Penang.

After one Malaysian made a trip to the Penang café to try the dish, many commented diverging thoughts on him consuming it and even daring to order it

The Facebook user, who goes by William Tan, shared his experience on ordering the item, saying that it was indeed yummy.

Plenty of people were surprised by his decision to order the dish. "It's making my skin crawl!" wrote one user, while another user asked whether it was "Crunchy or slimy?", in relation to the texture of the worms.

However, a fair share of commenters praised Tan for trying the dish. "Wow, this is on another level!" wrote one user.

If you're ever in Penang and would like to try this unique fried rice dish, here's where you can find Rumah Asap Kenyalang Café:

125, Lorong Selamat, 10450 George Town, Penang.

Operating hours
10.30am-2pm, 6pm-12am (Thursday to Tuesday).
Closed on Wednesday.

Check out their Facebook page.

The outside of the café.

Image via William Tan (Facebook)

The interior of the eatery.

Image via William Tan (Facebook)

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