Check Out These Premium Yet Affordable Products From Meadows That You've Just Gotta Try

Truffle potato chips, hazelnut spread with cocoa, and more!

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Meadows is a new brand that aims to make your life a little easier with their reliable quality, great value, and tasty food options

They source for the most delicious ingredients from all around the world, to make sure that you're getting the yummiest things possible. Plus, all their products are great quality too, as lots of care goes into each one.

All their products are actually taste tested by over 1,000 families before they're launched, so you know you're getting things that you're guaranteed to love!

From fresh vegetables, spices, and cooking ingredients, to all kinds of snacks, drinks, and frozen food, Meadows has it all

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Their product range aims to keep shopping simple and match your everyday needs, giving you premium, quality products at affordable prices.

Check out some of our top picks of Meadows products:

1. Start your day with a big, hearty bowl of oats

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From quick cook oatmeal to whole rolled oats, and even instant oatmeal, Meadows has loads of different varieties of oats. They're all 100% Australian and high in dietary fibre.

Cook up a bowl in the morning and top off with a drizzle of honey and some berries, or put together a serving of overnight oats the night before for a quick grab-and-go breakfast.

Price: RM11.80 each (1.35kg)

2. Stock up on all kinds of yummy spreads and jams

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Strawberry, orange, apricot, hazelnut, peanut butter - the choice is yours! The jams are made from real fruit, while the hazelnut spread is made in Belgium.

Keep some on hand to spread on bread for breakfast or as a snack. Both kids and adults will absolutely love the sweet treat.

- Hazelnut spread with cocoa: RM7.50 each (200g) | RM12 each (375g)
- Peanut butter: RM8.90 each (340g) | RM10.30 each (510g)

3. Want something healthy to snack on? Grab some nuts!

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Grab yourself a pack of roasted cashews, baked whole almonds, or roasted pistachios. All sourced from USA, these nuts are packed with nutrients and flavour, and are a great source of dietary fibre.

Price: RM2 - RM16.90 each (40g - 150g)

4. Make sure you've got some potato chips to snack on while you binge-watch your favourite shows

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No binge-watch session is complete without snacks! With Meadows' potato chips, you know you're getting 100% real potatoes in every packet. Choose from original, BBQ, or truffle flavours. Yes, truffle! Mmmmm! Or get all three, we won't judge ;)

Price: RM2.30 each (60g)

5. With their assorted biscuits and teas, Meadows has gotchu covered for all your tea time munching

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Consisting of 28 packs of six different flavours of biscuits, Meadows' Assorted Biscuits Value Pack is hugeeeee!

When those tea time cravings hit, munch on coffee flavoured cream sandwich cookies, lemon flavoured cream sandwich cookies, cream crackers, chocolate flavoured cream sandwich cookies, corn flavoured cream sandwich crackers, and chocolate flavoured cream sandwich crackers.

And of course, you gotta wash it down with good ol' cuppa tea.

Choose your favourite:
- English breakfast tea: Full-bodied and bold traditional black tea
- Pure chamomile infusion: Calming, sweet, fragrant, and floral
- Earl Grey tea: Fragrant black tea with a distinctive sweet, citrus flavour of bergamot

- Assorted biscuits: RM11 each (1kg value pack)
- Tea: RM13 each

Meadows products are available at all Giant outlets nationwide. Head over to your nearest one and grab some for you and your family today!

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