This All-New MILO Comes With Less Sugar, More Fibre, And Tastes So Good

This marks another milestone for the beverage giant.

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Do you love MILO? Because there's a new drink in town and it's delicious!

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The launch of the new, healthier MILO powder coincides with the beloved brand's 70th anniversary in Malaysia.

Introduced back in 1950 by Nestle, MILO is the leading chocolate malt beverage and a staple in every Malaysian home. Who didn't grow up drinking MILO amirite?

So, what's different about MILO Activ-Go Plus Fibre?

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This MILO powder promotes more added goodness, while maintaining the usual malty, barley, and cocoa taste that is offered in the original MILO. 

It has 2.5x more fibre and only half a teaspoon of added sugar (sucrose) compared to the original MILO Activ-Go powder!

Did you know that 9 out of 10 Malaysians do not consume enough fruits and vegetables to fulfil their dietary needs?

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Not to worry, one serving (30g) of this cocoa malt beverage would fulfil 12% of the recommended daily intake. It's a good source of dietary fibre to keep your tummy happy and healthy.

MILO Activ-Go Plus Fibre even has the Healthier Choice Logo on their packaging, having satisfied the criteria outlined by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. 

MILO hopes that with the new MILO Activ-Go Plus Fibre, you and your family can have a wholesome, balanced diet

Image via MILO

The minerals and added fibre in MILO Activ-Go Plus Fibre make it the perfect breakfast beverage to consume before you kickstart your day. 

MILO Activ-Go Plus Fibre is now available online or at supermarkets and convenience stores near you. Find out more about the product here!

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