7 Unique Limited Edition Mister Potato Flavours That We Still Remember To This Day

How many of these flavours have you tried?

Cover image via OHBULAN! & Lazada

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From our childhood days till now, Mister Potato has remained an iconic snack that Malaysians love <3

Besides their plethora of usual flavours that we can't get enough of, the popular brand has also come up with lots of limited edition flavours over the years, especially during festive seasons.

Jom, let's take a walk down memory lane and check out some unique Mister Potato limited edition flavours:

1. Mister Potato Kurma Manis Flavour

Image via OHBULAN!

Do you remember this one? It came out just last year, as a special flavour for Hari Raya. The crisps were made from purple sweet potato instead of normal potato, and the flavour was… buah kurma! Perfect for the festive season, kan? The sweet burst of kurma made for an interesting addition to the savoury and salty crisps.

2. Mister Potato Orange Chicken Flavour & Mister Potato Spicy Lobster Flavour

Image via Shopee

Released earlier this year for Chinese New Year, these flavours were definitely something special. Mister Potato even suggested including them in yee sang platters, hehe.

Orange Chicken captured the familiar flavours of fragrant chicken accented by tinges of sweet, tangy orange in a potato crisp, while the Spicy Lobster variant was filled with seafood flavour and hints of spiciness.

3. Mister Potato Red Curry Flavour

Launched in conjunction with Hari Kebangsaan back in 2017, this limited-edition flavour celebrated Malaysians' love for everything spicy by paying tribute to one of our fave dishes – curry!

And not just any curry, it was specifically a red curry flavour, which added an extra spicy kick to the potato crisps we know and love.

4. Mister Potato Rendang Flavour & Mister Potato Satay Flavour

Image via Shopee

What's Hari Raya without iconic dishes like rendang and satay, mmm! In 2019, the festive occasion was made all the more special with the launch of rendang and satay flavoured Mister Potato.

Apparently, the aroma for the rendang flavour was AH-MAY-ZING, with that familiar scent of spices wafting out as soon as the packet was opened. And we have no doubt that both flavours were super yums.

5. Mister Potato Chilli Crab Flavour

When celebrating the Year of the Pig in 2019, Mister Potato launched chilli crab flavoured crisps, ooooo. Drawing inspiration from our Singaporean neighbour's signature dish, this was an in-crab-dible flavour that was a continuation of the brand's spicy CNY limited edition flavours from previous years.

They even collaborated with popular local cafe Garage 51 that year, to come up with innovative dishes that incorporated the chips. This included New Year Salad with Plum Sauce and crushed Mister Potato Chilli Crab Crisps, Soft Shell Crab Rice Bowl crusted with Mister Potato Chilli Crab Crisps, Garage Fried Chicken crusted with Mister Potato Chilli Crab Crisps, and more.

6. Mister Potato Ghost Pepper Flavour

Image via Lazada

Remember when ghost pepper everything was all the rage a few years ago? Mister Potato jumped on the bandwagon too, in the form of their collaboration with Daebak, which was the first brand to launch the viral ghost pepper instant noodles.

Together, they came up with ghost pepper crisps, which looked as scary as it sounded with its pitch black colour. Though it only came in small canisters, it definitely packed a punch and brought on the heat!

7. Mister Potato Spicy Buttermilk Prawn Flavour & Mister Potato Chicken Jerky Flavour

Marking 2021's special Chinese New Year flavours were Spicy Buttermilk Prawn and Chicken Jerky a.k.a bak kwa!

The former somehow managed to capture the creaminess of the buttermilk dish, complete with a slight hint of spiciness to mimic the curry leaves and chilli that are usually included in the recipe.

Meanwhile, the chicken bak kwa flavour definitely would have made for a great snack to munch on while catching up with family or playing cards and mahjong.

Guess what? Mister Potato has done it again, and this time, their new flavour is a mysterious Korean one, oooo!

Other than the fact that it's called Jinjja Syok, we don't know much about this new limited edition flavour. Will it be spicy like tteokbokki? Or maybe it'll be on the sweeter side like the Korean honey butter chips that went viral last time? Perhaps it'll draw inspiration from the recently trending dalgona?

We can't wait to try and find out!

For now, all we know about the limited edition mysterious Korean flavour is that it's #RidiculouslyTasty, with a blend of unique spices to give you a truly kaw snacking experience. Wahh, sounds yums!

Excited to try Mister Potato's new mystery Korean flavour? You can get your hands on it at your nearest supermarket, or order online via Shopee.

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Btw, if you didn't already notice, one of your favourite K-pop oppas, Cha Eun Woo, is collaborating with Mister Potato for the launch of this new flavour, hehe. Daebak lah! ;)

Watch their #RidiculousMix videos below:

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