We Got A Sneak Preview At myBurgerLab's New Pizza Shop, And It's Totally Worth The Hype

If you thought myBurgerLab is great, wait till you try their pizzas.

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Pay attention myBurgerLab fans, because this one is for you!

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Powerhouse myBurgerLab is opening myPizzaLab

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In April, while the nation was getting ready to vote in GE14, myBurgerLab held their own general elections, they called #MBLGE14 for their fans to vote on what shop they should open next.

The options were pizza, bubble tea, fried chicken, or ice cream. In May, they announced that pizza was the winner, and here we are four months later, ready to devour their pizzas! 

The first thing you should know is that myPizzaLab's pizza dough is no ordinary dough. This special base has sun-dried tomatoes and herbs mixed into it, to give you that extra bit of flavour!

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myPizzaLab makes their pizza dough fresh daily. Each pizza is made to order and is generously topped with premium ingredients. The pizza is then baked 'til golden in a special pizza oven, allowing the pizzas to cook evenly and giving them a perfectly crisp crust.

Bonus points, no more throwing the crust away, because you'll want to eat it, even on its own! Yay to no wasting food.

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We got a secret sneak peek preview, and here are our five favourite pizzas we adore!

1. The Butcher's Wife - RM35

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The Butcher’s Wife pizza will satisfy any carnivore - despite having some arugula on top. It's topped with loads of beef sausage, streaky beef, capers, and finished with a drizzle of porcini olive oil.

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2. Huat The Duck - RM35

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Huat The Duck is myPizzaLab's new take on the classic Hawaiian pizza. They use duck and oranges instead of chicken and pineapple. This definite crowd pleaser comes with garlic oil, a generous amount of smoked duck slices, burnt mandarin oranges, onion jam, rosemary, and Himalayan salt.

The salty smoked duck slices complemented the sweet burnt mandarin oranges so well that we swear, it was like eating a slice of heaven.

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3. Popeye - RM30

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If you grew up wanting to be strong like Popeye, then this green delight is the one for you. The Popeye pizza's main attraction is its abundance of superfood spinach, accompanied by an entourage of blue cheese, pepper mayo, roasted garlic paste, and a refreshing squeeze of lemon juice. Don't be intimidated by the blue cheese - the taste of it isn't overpowering and balances very well.

4. Cheese Mania - RM25

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The Cheese Mania pizza had us DROOLING, and it's sure to make you drool too. Picture this: FIVE different kinds of cheese (parmesan, cheddar, mozzarella, blue cheese, and cheese mayo) topped off with some slices of fresh tomatoes. Absolute bliss!

5. Mary's Lamb - RM35

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If you're feeling fancy and have no qualms about eating that poor animal from your childhood nursery rhyme, you should help yourself to some Mary's Lamb. This pizza is topped with tender braised lamb, oven roasted cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, cheddar, roasted garlic, and sweet onion jam. Don't forget to squeeze the lime just before you bite into it to bring the whole dish together.

Stay tuned for the offical launch of myPizzaLab that is located right next to myBurgerLab, Seapark:

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Address: 12, Jalan 21/22, Sea Park, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Opening Hours: To be confirmed

Contact Details: To be confirmed

More info on: Facebook | Instagram

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