Netizens Are Split Over This Viral Durian Fried Rice With Sambal Belacan

Is this the next big durian combo?

Cover image via The Food Ranger/Facebook

Just when you thought you've heard of every durian food combination there is to know, this dish comes along

Trevor James, also known as 'The Food Ranger', is a Canadian vlogger who travels around the world making videos about his food adventures. 

As part of his series, Street Food Around The World, James recently featured a specialty of Penang restaurant Ah Chong Fried Rice: durian fried rice with sambal belacan

Cooked and garnished with the King of Fruits, every bite of this unusual combo promises to be a flavourful one

After frying the prawns, cabbage, carrots, soy sauce, and rice together in a wok, an entire bowl of golden durian flesh is added into the mix, as seen in James' Facebook video.

The durian is tossed alongside the other ingredients, infusing the dish with its potent aroma. 

Generous helpings of durian are then placed on top of the rice to guarantee a punch of flavour with every mouthful. 

For that extra kick, spoonfuls of sambal belacan are heaped onto the side of the dish

Just in case you were worried it wasn't Malaysian enough as is… 

The verdict? Surprisingly delicious!

According to the travelling food blogger, the bold flavours actually complement one another. 

"I like that sweetness from the durian and the spiciness from the sambal… It's actually a surprising combo," James remarked. 

The creaminess of the silky durian flesh was another highlight for the vlogger, who just couldn't seem to get enough! 

The video has since gone viral, with over 12,000 likes and 10,000 shares

Several viewers found the durian fried rice very enticing, recounting childhood experiences of concocting similar food combos. 

Another Facebook user brought up the fact that the durian and rice combo isn't a novel idea. Numerous traditional dishes have been cooked with tempoyak, a condiment made from fermented durian. 

While James seemed completely taken by this food find, durian-lovers were not as easily convinced

Other commenters were offended by the dish, saying that it was a waste of durian. They added that an individual can only appreciate the fruit if eaten on its own.

For any brave Penangites willing to try it, the dish can be delivered right to your doorstep for just RM15

Unfortunately, it will not be made with Musang King.

Ah Chong Fried Rice is currently only open for delivery. You can place your order on their website.

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Image via SAYS Makan

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