New Limited Edition OREO Letters And Emojis Cookies Are So Cute You Won't Wanna Eat Them

They're just too adorable!

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OREO cookies defined our childhood. If you’ve always “twisted it, licked it, and dunked it” then you’re the real OG. There’s nothing more scrumptious than dipping a chocolate cookie with creme filling in cold milk.

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OREO is adding a fun twist to the original cookies. Instead of the standard OREO marking, the cookies are gonna be embossed with letters and emojis instead. So cute!

Now, you can express yourself and #SayItWithOreo.

You can have more fun snacking with your friends and family in the comfort of your own home, so they can’t say you bojio them.

Show them some love with OREO’s limited edition packs so that they can munch on some yummy treats as they take a break after a hard day of work, or have a fun-filled family game night with these cookies. 

Use the letter-embossed cookies as a way to play Scrabble - OREO-style! Or, you could do whatever your imagination tells you to do. There are no boundaries to the endless amounts of happy memories you can create with your loved ones.

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Better yet, join the #SayItWithOreo contests, and stand a chance to win prizes of up to RM100,000 from 1 June 2020 - 31 August 2020!

Have a sneak peek at these contest entries for some creative inspo:

Check out the types of contests below:

1. Whatsapp Contest

Step 1: Buy any OREO products.
Step 2: Send a Whatsapp message with the following details to +016-227 4982.
OREO [space] NAME [space] EMAIL ADDRESS [space] RECEIPT NO. [space] RETAILER

Stand a chance to win one out of 150 OREO hampers!

2. Photo Contest

Step 1: Buy any OREO products.
Step 2: Get your creative juices flowing and capture an awesome photo.
Step 3: Upload your photo to Facebook or Instagram, hashtag #SayItWithOreo, and remember to set your account to public.

You could go home with amazing prizes in your hands, such as:
- 1 x RM5000 cash
- 1 x RM2000 cash
- 50 x RM100 cash

3. #SayItWithOreo Mini Game

Step 1: Buy any OREO products.
Step 2: Visit this website and key in your details.
Step 3: Play the game and redeem your points for a prize.

So many limited edition goodies up for grabs, including OREO hoodies, bean bags, tote bags, cushions and more!

Express yourself with OREO's limited edition packs today, and be one of the lucky winners to bring home a prize that you can share with your loved ones

Watch this video below to see how:

The limited edition OREO is available in both original and chocolate flavour at all leading retailers, convenience stores, and online stories, including Giant, Mydin, AEON, and Lazada. You can get a single pack for only RM3.30 or a multipack for RM5.89.

Make the best of every moment with your family and friends. Remember to #SayItWithOreo and tell them how much you care today!

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