No Time To Cook? Get Wholesome Comfort Food From OLDTOWN 2GO New Delivery Meals

The OLDTOWN 2GO menu is the ultimate life hack!

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Ever feel like there are just not enough hours in the day?

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You get stuck in traffic going to the office, work 8 hours a day, maybe work even longer on some days, get stuck in traffic AGAIN going home, and are honestly exhausted by the time you walk through your front door. Sound familiar?

If you feel like you're stuck in an endless loop of tiredness, here are some quick time management hacks to help:

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1. Wake up early
After a good night's sleep, make the most of your day by getting an early start. There are loads of benefits to waking early, including allowing you more time to get things done.

2. Schedule everything
With an early start to the day, take 30 minutes to create your to-do list. Ticking things off during the day will keep you motivated and on track, plus you'll never forget or scramble to finish off tasks!
3. Make use of your 'dead time'
'Dead time' is the time we waste when we're waiting or doing nothing. Fill the time you're spending waiting for a meeting to start or public transport with small tasks that add to your productivity. For example, reading up on information you need to complete a project or listening to a podcast about your personal interest.

Of course, despite your planning, there are days when you just don't have time :(

And that's why OLDTOWN 2GO has created a special premium menu to deliver wholesome meals to your doorstep to help you ease your stress and satisfy your cravings:

In keeping with their long tradition of championing comfort food with local flavours, the all-new OLDTOWN 2GO Delivery Meals menu brings you satisfying dining at your office desk or in the comfort of your own home.

The OLDTOWN 2GO new menu items were created from choice ingredients, to make sure that you'll be able to enjoy quality meals at affordable prices.

Plus, they've partnered with foodpanda to make ordering to delivery, as speedy and convenient as possible, to ensure quality meals are served. So your food arrives hot and your cold drinks retain their ice cubes.

Check out all their new mouthwatering dishes:

1. These premium bento-style sets are tasty and filling, packed with wholesome balanced goodness of rice or noodles, generous meat portions, sunny side up eggs, sambal, fresh shredded salad and tomato slices

Recommended choices:
- Nasi Lemak with Dry Curry Chicken
- Nasi Lemak with Prawn Sambal
- Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken Fillet

2. Slurp up generous servings of noodles with meaty chicken chunks and big juicy prawns in a hearty bowl (the Special Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun is our fav!)

Recommended choices:
- Special Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun
- Special Curry Noodles
- Classic Meehoon with Dry Curry Chicken
- Classic Meehoon with Fried Chicken Fillet

3. Chow down on delicious sandwiches or rolls. These big bites are super filling and tasty!

Recommended choices:
- Oriental Chicken Sandwich
- Fried Chicken Nasi Lemak Roll (Wrap)

4. And of course, wash down your meal with the signature OLDTOWN White Coffee drinks for the ultimate comfort and satisfaction

Recommended choices:
- White Coffee Original
- White Coffee Hazelnut
- Mixed Brew Coffee & Tea
- Malaysian Teh Tarik
- Enriched Chocolate
- Honey Lemon Drink
- Fresh Lemon Tea

Enjoy satisfying premium comfort food with OLDTOWN 2GO Delivery Meals by placing an order today!

The OLDTOWN 2GO Menu is created specially for delivery and is available via foodpanda delivery (Malaysia).

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Enjoy FREE Delivery + 10% OFF for OLDTOWN 2GO Delivery Meals at foodpanda from 20 Aug – 16 Sept 2019.

Order via foodpanda now.

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