OMG! Durian Cheese Pizza Is Finally Available In Pizza Hut Malaysia

It's finally here!

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Are you sad that durian season is almost over?

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Not to worry because Pizza Hut is now offering Durian Cheese Pizza!

Durian-topped pizza was first introduced in Pizza Hut China back in 2016.

The exotic flavour is finally available in Malaysia for RM44.50 and comes with six slices.

If you're thinking of purchasing a set instead, Pizza Hut has three options to help you satisfy your cravings

Durian Deal 1 (RM42.00)


  • 1 Regular Durian Cheese Pizza,
  • 1 Onion Rings, and
  • 2 Pepsi Cans.

Durian Deal 2 (RM65.00)


  • 1 Regular Durian Cheese Pizza,
  • 1 Regular Favourite Pizza,
  • 6 pc Tasty Chicken Bites,
  • 1 Onion Rings, and
  • 1 Pepsi Bottle (1.5 litres).

Durian 2 Pizza Deal (RM45.00)


  • 1 Regular Durian Cheese Pizza, and
  • 1 Regular Favourite Pizza.

Are you looking forward to trying the new Durian Cheese Pizza? Let us know in the comments below.

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