Use Vouchers From Any Pizza Brand To Redeem A Free Hand Crafted Pizza From Pizza Hut

Swap vouchers you have from ANY pizza brand to score yourself Pizza Hut's latest sourdough crust creation!

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Pizza Hut.

Who doesn't love pizza, right?

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You've probably eaten the dish so many times that you have a drawer full of pizza vouchers. Sometimes you get a stack of them in the bag, on top of the vouchers that come plastered on the pizza box — and chances are, you end up not using them at all. 

Now, thanks to Pizza Hut, you can put those all those vouchers to good use and swap them for a free Hand Crafted Pizza, woohooo! :D

Whatever pizza voucher you have, no matter the brand, old or new, physical or even digital, you can use it to get a piping hot, fresh pizza. Does it sound like a deal you don't want to miss?

From now until 31 October, Pizza Hut will be giving out 200 free pizzas every day, and if you want to score yourself one, just follow these simple steps ;)

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Here's how to redeem your free Hand Crafted Pizza*:

1. Share a picture of your voucher from other pizza brands on Facebook

2. Tag two friends and include the hashtags #PizzaHutMalaysia and #NewHandcraftedPizza

That's all you gotta do, but be quick, 'cause only the first 200 complete submissions will get a free Hand Crafted Pizza each, per day. So, if you miss out on your first try, don't worry, just try again the next day.

*Terms and conditions apply

Light and wonderfully crisp on the outside, the Hand Crafted Pizza features a mouthwatering sourdough crust that is also airy and delightfully chewy on the inside

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You can enjoy the Hand Crafted Pizza with the usual Pizza Hut toppings, as well as three flavours that are exclusive to this crust style: Creamy Beef Fiesta, Creamy Chicken Fiesta, and Creamy Crispy Chicken.

Just watch this video to get an idea of what you can expect with Pizza Hut's new Hand Crafted Pizza:

So, whatchu waiting for? If you've not had the chance to try Pizza Hut's latest sourdough crust creation, now's the perfect time to take advantage of your voucher collection and grab yourself a free pizza. :D

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