11 Most Nostalgic Ice Creams In Malaysia That You Definitely Grew Up Eating

Good times. :')

Cover image via Danial Martinus (Provided to SAYS) & Reddit

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1. Solero Shots

Image via Reddit

Always thinking we could eat each biji-biji. But all we got were mutated clumps each time. Why were we so hopeful? XD

2. Paddle Pop Cup

Image via Jos Loves Food
Image via Jos Loves Food

When ice cream flavours meant chocolate, vanilla, and... wooden spoon. :P

3. Nestlé Neapolitan

You're lucky if you found ice cream instead of ikan kembung inside one of these tubs in the freezer.

And chocolate flavour always finished first. Ugh.

4. Mat Kool Traffic Light

Image via 100comments

Were you one of those people who enjoyed showing off your colourful tongue?

5. Nestlé Digimon ice cream

Getting excited to see which toy you got inside your Digimon cup. 

6. Paddle Pop Shots Fruity Power

Another Solero Shots clumping problem but still so fun to eat!

7. Wall's Viennetta

The 'atas' ice cream we all wished we had as kids. It even made a comeback a couple of years ago. 

8. Ice Cream Pong

The OGs would know how cracking and sucking on these was so satisfying. 

9. Nestlé Apple Sourz

Image via Mille Feuille

Ice cream + jelly = win.

10. Ais Krim Potong

Which one of these was your favourite? Durian, cendol, cempedak, red bean, jagung, yam? So many choices!

11. Roti Ais Krim

Image via Reddit

Waiting for the ice cream uncle to arrive with his motorbike and scoop these out for us is a core memory. :')

BONUS: Ais Kepal

Not exactly an ice cream, but still deserving to be on the list. Best eaten under the trees on a hot day!

Which ice cream did you enjoy growing up? Let us know!

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