"Rich, Sweet, Creamy & Smooth" — Ramen Ice Cream Floats Are The New Food Trend From Japan

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Cover image via Franken (Instagram) & @reviewshoplaz (Twitter)

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We're only in the first month of 2022 and a new food trend has already hit the internet

It all started when a Thai netizen's Twitter post went viral for showing pictures of a vanilla soft serve ice cream cone floating in a bowl of ramen.

"Yesterday I saw a Japanese 'ice cream with ramen'. Today I found KFC + Hachiban Ramen," the caption reads.

"It's delicious. Adds creaminess to the spicy soup because of the milk, you know."

The user then invited other netizens to give the experimental meal a try and come back with their own review

Not only did several users tweet their own versions of ramen noodles in the Twitter thread, but Burger King Thailand also jumped on the bandwagon and posted their version of the food fad... with a plug for its own soft serve.

"If it's good, Burger King must have it!" the ad states.

"But... Just the ice cream cone with a rich, sweet, creamy, smooth and soft vanilla flavour, accompanied by a crunchy cone! Whichever ramen you want to put it in, it will be delicious for sure!"

This offbeat food combo apparently did not start in Thailand, but was inspired by a Japanese restaurant

Recently, a restaurant in Osaka, Japan called Franken promoted their ramen floats called "Sweet and Spicy Miso" for 850 yen (about RM30) as a limited edition dish on their menu.

A photo on their Instagram account shows a chocolate and vanilla soft serve cone plopped in the middle of a bowl of bright red spicy miso ramen soup that also comes with beansprouts, egg, chashu, and seaweed sprinkled on top.

"Do ramen and soft serve go well together? There may be some people who are worried about this, but this is insanely compatible!" they wrote in the caption.

"The sweet and spicy miso ramen with a strong spiciness is combined with the sweetness of the soft serve ice cream."

"You can experience 'sweet and spicy' that you can not feel with ordinary ramen," it added.

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