3 Simple Tips To Help You Prepare Meals Quickly And Efficiently On A Busy Day

No matter how busy you are, it's still important to eat well.

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Schedule so packed you're struggling to find the time to cook?

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Whether you have back-to-back meetings, or an important exam you need to prepare for, we've all had those days or weeks where our schedules are just packed to the brim.

But then, you're hungry lah, and letting your stomach growl is just distracting and annoying. Even then, no matter how busy you are, it's still important to makan on time, so you can concentrate easily, plus feel more energetic.

So, how lah? Check out these three tips that can help you kaotim your meals in a jiffy despite your busy schedule:

1. Prep your meals during the weekend
Meal prepping is all about cooking your meals for the week in one day, so that you can just reheat them whenever you need to eat. Plus, not only is meal prep fun, but it's also relatively easy to do too. You can just cook in bigger portions, or you can also get creative by cooking a handful of items and then combining them, to get different delicious meals.

2. Get your ingredients ready beforehand
If you prefer to cook every day, prepare your ingredients the day before to ultimately reduce your cooking time. For instance, chop your meat and vegetables, so that you can just add them straight to your kuali when you're cooking the next day. Doing this helps to cut down on prep time, which usually takes up most of your time when it comes to cooking.

3. Order groceries online to save time
Another great way to save time is to do your groceries online. Nowadays, many supermarkets and even delivery apps allow grocery shopping, which saves you the hassle of going out of the house and wasting time queueing up at the counter. Additionally, there are so many ongoing promos and online discounts that allow you to save more!

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Featuring two creamy, scrumptious flavours – Mac & Cheese and Mushroom Carbonara Mac – the new quick cook pasta is great for those who lead a hectic lifestyle or are looking for something easy to prepare.

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No matter how busy you are, Prego's Quick Cook Pasta lets you settle your meal within three minutes!

Not only is it convenient, it also makes for a filling lunch or dinner. Or, even if you're just looking to whip up something quick and yummy for supper. :p

And they're so easy to cook! Just simmer, stir, and serve :D

Alternatively, you can also microwave the pasta. Just set it on high for five minutes and voilà, ready to makan dy!

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