You Can Now Buy White Rabbit Candy Flavoured Instant Coffee Online!

Shut up and take our money!

Cover image via @supersixseattle (Twitter) & k*****o/Shopee

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We have had White Rabbit Candy-flavoured bubble tea and White Rabbit Candy-flavoured ice cream in the past.

And so many people went crazy over them!

Image via SAYS Makan

Now, Malaysians can get their hands on White Rabbit Candy-flavoured coffee!

Listed on both Lazada and Shopee, the popular childhood candy now comes in the form of coffee made by Nescafé.

According to the product description, the '3-in-1' coffee is produced in Shanghai, China.

Chinese words can be seen plastered all over the product visuals.

Some vendors even use promotional photos of the product that feature Chinese singer and TV personality, Cai Xukun. He is also a current member of Keep Running, China's equivalent of South Korea's variety show Running Man.

"Childhood memory candy plus rich coffee aroma. When a delicate and smooth big White Rabbit Candy melts into the rich coffee, with only one bite, it releases the flavour of childhood," reads a poster

Nescafé says on a poster that the coffee is "sweet, but you'll never get sick of it".

Speaking to SAYS, a vendor who sells the product on Shopee said they stumbled upon the product and saw that it is the famous childhood flavoured coffee.

Curious about how it would taste like, they bought the coffee and tried it. Once they had it, they knew they had to sell it on their online store.

"As for the taste, it is a coffee with a relatively heavy milky aroma, and its milk is not that milky. It has White Rabbit Candy milky taste. Anyone who has eaten this candy will understand the milky and sweet taste," the vendor told this SAYS writer when contacted on Facebook.

"In addition, this is actually a limited edition flavour, which is expected to be gone by next year."

They said they imported the products from China, before delivering them to customers in Kuala Lumpur.

Image via miner25/Shopee

The White Rabbit Candy-flavoured Nescafé is selling at RM15.90 for eight sachets

On Shopee, the product has seven reviews, all of which are five-star.

Image via k*****o/Shopee

You can find it on Shopee or Lazada.

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