PappaRich Australia Sells Teh Tarik Soft Serve With Boba And Excuse Us What About Malaysia

PappaRich Malaysia, why hath thou forsaken us?

Cover image via StudentVIP/PappaRichAustralia

Teh tarik is great, whatever time of day it is

Put it into ice cream form and well, we're sold.

That's exactly what PappaRich Australia recently did.

Behold, Teh Tarik Soft Serve topped with boba and a waffle stick!

PappaRich Australia recently launched its exclusive teh tarik soft serve and TBH, we're a little jealous.

According to a Facebook post by the Malaysian food chain last Monday, 6 May, the soft serve is being sold exclusively at Monash University Clayton campus' outlet in Melbourne, Australia for AUD3.90 (RM11.30) each.

And it seems like we're not the only ones feeling FOMO

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

PappaRich hinted that its other Australian outlets may soon sell the soft serve too.

However, SAYS has checked in with PappaRich's HQ and are waiting to see if there's a similar response for Malaysia.

Okay, so you've heard our cries in this humidity. Now please bring it to Malaysia.

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