These New 100PLUS Popsicles Were Made For Us Hot & Sweaty Malaysians

Can get them online.

Cover image via @iamhungrytodayy (Instagram)

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After a long, hot day, it's always nice to have something cooling and refreshing... especially if you've just worked out (and deserve a lil' treat!)

We've recently discovered that 100PLUS has come up with Hydration Bars and they look oh so refreshing.

Instead of just getting a cold drink, you can grab one of these snowy-looking popsicles to cool off

One customer reviewed that it tastes exactly like 100PLUS but in popsicle form.

Obviously having a drink is much quicker, but if you're someone who likes to savour your desserts, then this might be perfect. 

Image via ConfirmGood

According to ConfirmGood, they recently made at appearance at 7-Eleven outlets in Singapore and are being sold for SGD1.50 (RM4.62) a bar.

Buttttt, SAYS did a quick check and found out that F&N Malaysia is selling packs of 24 bars online. Quite a lot but maybe you can buy and share/sell to friends. :P

A box of 24 is selling for RM61.20, which works out to roughly RM2.50 a bar.

100PLUS Malaysia also told us that it may be sold at shops eventually, depending on whether or not retailers choose to.

If you're sick of the heat, here are some activities you can do:

And treats to enjoy right after:

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