This Malaysian Hot Pot Restaurant Is Giving Free Meat To Women Under 155CM

Shorties get free meat!

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Rejoice, shorties!

A restaurant in Sarawak is giving away a large tray of meat for free if you are under a certain height.

In a Facebook post, hot pot restaurant Wo Men Zhe Yi Guo announced that they are currently giving out RM30 worth of pork for free to reward short customers and their friends.

"To those who are a shorty, you are in luck," read the viral post with over 1,200 shares.

"From now on, any guest who comes to our store will get free slices of pork in a 1m long tray if the table has a man shorter than 165cm or a woman shorter than 155cm - and is above the age of 18!"

"What are you waiting for? Identify your short friends and bring them here."

The restaurant told SAYS that the offer is up for a limited time only

Elvin, one of the restaurant's shareholders, said that the promotion idea came from his business partner.

"During a meeting, he proposed the idea and we thought that this promotion can drive up the sales and bring more customers to our restaurants. So, we launched it," Elvin told us.

He said the restaurant has been running for over a year, but the recent COVID-19 pandemic has affected their business. Hence, he and other shareholders tried to come out with a plan to save their business.

According to Elvin, he can see the effect of the promotion, as most tables lately have a person under the stated heights.

Customers also love to take pictures at the storefront, where a giant measuring scale is found

A customer named Pheobe who visited the restaurant yesterday, 10 June, told SAYS that she does not find the promotion offensive to short people at all.

"It is a great initiative. Shorties like me get to eat free meat. I hope that there are more promotions like this in the future," said Pheobe, adding that such promotions are common in countries like Taiwan and China.

"I am glad to see this restaurant become the first in East Malaysia to emulate this model. Not only the promotion attracts customers, but it also captures the curiosity of the public."

Right: Pheobe having a meal with a friend at Wo Men Zhe Yi Guo on Wednesday, 11 June.

Image via Instagram @twentyeightt.11

The restaurant is located at Gala City in Kempas Heights, Kuching

Wo Men Zhe Yi Guo has 11 different soup stocks and also serves other side dishes to go with the hot pot, such as stir-fried pork with shredded ginger, Chinese style spicy beancurd, fried squid, and more.

You can find more information about the restaurant here.

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