Malaysian Man Makes Chocolate Bun Go So Viral That MyNEWS Has Now Named It After Him

The Chocolate Chigiri Bun is now known as 'Roti Samad'.

Cover image via Instagram @mynewsdotcom & Twitter @syazNEO

We have all succumbed to a viral food trend before

Don't deny it, whether it's hot pot or bubble tea, we've all been there.

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Well, one particular Twitter user accidentally started a viral food trend himself.

After Samad wrote about the Chocolate Chigiri Bun from myNEWS, other netizens started looking high and low for it.

According to myNEWS, the Chocolate Chigiri Bun is a timeless favourite in Japan and it is filled with rich, creamy chocolate.

Known on Twitter as @SamadSaidWhaaat, he first expressed his obsession towards the dessert bun last October.

He even wrote, "I buy the Chocolate Chigiri Bun from myNEWS so often that I already know when the workers restock it."

After he kept speaking highly of the RM3.50 snack, more and more people became intrigued to try it out themselves

There are hundreds of people who said that they tried out the Chocolate Chigiri Bun because of Samad.

One person wrote, "Because this bun from myNEWS keeps showing up on my timeline, I decided to buy one today. Influenced by @SamadSaidWhaaat."

Another netizen tweeted, "It's early morning and I'm already looking for the Chocolate Chigiri Bun at myNEWS because it keeps popping up on my timeline, @SamadSaidWhaaat. It's quite good, the cream isn't too sweet."

"Due to @SamadSaidWhaaat's influence, I'm finally hooked on this bun from myNEWS. Are people not buying this at the outlet at my old office, there were quite a lot left. It's so good, the bread is so soft," wrote another user.

Another person looked everywhere for the Chocolate Chigiri Bun and wrote, "Finally got my roti @SamadSaidWhaaat at klia2. It was really hard to find. Only got my hands on it after coming back from Sabah and Sarawak."

After a while, Samad caught the attention of myNEWS and they decided to name it after him

myNEWS first approached Samad back in January and gifted him a few of his favourite roti.

Then, they promised that they would change the name of the Chocolate Chigiri Bun if their tweet could garner 10,000 retweets.

The tweet hit the mark in February but they only changed the name of the product recently.

On Wednesday, 18 March, myNEWS officially started selling the Chocolate Chigiri Bun in their stores as Roti Samad

If you're wondering whether it's really worth the hype, try it out for yourself by having it delivered to you.

They can even send it to you during these two weeks under the restricted movement order.

myNEWS announced on Twitter that customers can get baked goods delivered to their doorstep using myNEWS DASH or GrabMart.

Have you tried Roti Samad? Share with us your thoughts about it!

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