'Long Live Hot Pot' Delivered To Our Homes And We Loved It

We got everything - the food, bowls, chopsticks, pot, stand, and even burner!

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Staying home but craving some good hot pot?

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Fret not! If you live in Klang Valley, Long Live Hot Pot will be able to deliver their fully-equipped steamboat sets right to your doorstep.

Long Live Hot Pot specialises in serving high-quality ingredients, with ready-made sets available for two or four persons

Their two-person pork set includes:
- Pork belly slices
- Pork shoulder slices
- Eight different types of frozen meatballs
- Chinese cabbage and spinach
- White tofu and taupok beancurd
- Enoki and king oyster mushrooms
- Shabu-shabu noodles and vermicelli

Meanwhile, their two-person seafood set includes the same things except that the pork slices are replaced with red snapper fish slices, white squid, and wild sea prawns.

If that's not enough, you can also always add on à la carte ingredients (in my case, I'll always need extra cheese tofu)!

You can then pick one out of four of their specialty soups, which will come as a thick and rich paste

They currently offer four soup bases:
- Pork collagen bone soup
- Vitamin C tomato soup
- Spicy sour tom yam soup
- Spicy mala soup

We ordered the tom yam soup and actually appreciated the paste because it allowed us to adjust the soup's spiciness by gradually adding water.

The tom yam paste is in the container on the most left.

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The local startup also strives for convenience by providing everything you need for the steamboat experience

The whole set comes in a zipper bag, and they will provide customers with cutlery, paper bowls, and also a plastic 'table cloth' to protect your table from soup stains!

You can also buy the the steamboat pot and burner separately as add-ons if you do not have the equipment at home.

We would definitely love to order this again for the next rainy day

Visit the Long Live Hot Pot website to place an order.

Delivery hours:
Daily (11am - 8pm) except Mondays

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