"Like A Chocolate Milkshake" — Scottish TikToker's Mum Tries MILO Ais For The First Time

"I would have that again!"

Cover image via @alanadunsmore (TikTok)

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A recent TikTok video by a Scottish YouTuber in Malaysia has gone viral after she asked her mother to try MILO Ais for the first time

Malaysia-based Scottish content creator, Alana Dunsmore, has gained popularity on social media after documenting her life in Malaysia.

Recently, Dunsmore's mother paid a visit to Malaysia, and she decided to take her around and show her all of what Kuala Lumpur has to offer. Trying new things along the way, Dunsmore posted a clip of her mother trying MILO Ais for the first time.

"Oh, it's nice! It's like a chocolate milkshake but not as thick," said Dunsmore's mother. Ruling it to be better than a chocolate milkshake, she gave the drink a big thumbs up to her daughter before saying that she'd have it again.

"Mantap lah!" said Dunsmore at the end of the video.

The wholesome video, which has close to a million views as of this writing, has made Malaysians gush with pride over the splendour of MILO Ais

"The power of MILO!" jokingly wrote one user.

Other users thanked Dunsmore's mother for her honest take on the drink, while another user humorously mentioned that her mum will now be addicted to MILO Ais moving forward.

"Yes! Mom approved MILO Ais!" they added.

Providing Dunsmore with options to try in the future, other users were forthright about hoping to see future clips by Dunsmore with her mother trying other items.

"You should try Teh Ais," suggested one user, while another asked Dunsmore to let her mother try durian.

Since arriving in Malaysia, Dunsmore and her mother have indulged in multiple local delicacies, documenting both of their experiences on TikTok and YouTube

Among some of the foods Dunsmore's mother has tried so far include nasi lemak, chicken rice, Malaysian coffee, bandung ais, nasi kandar, and rambutans.

Watch the full TikTok of Dunsmore's mother trying MILO Ais for the first time below:

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