Australian YouTuber Compares 100PLUS To Vodka Lime Soda After Trying It For The First Time

"That was not for me!"

Cover image via @josieliftsthings (TikTok)

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A recent TikTok by an Australian content creator has gone viral after she tried a common Malaysian canned drink for the first time

Lifestyle YouTuber and travel enthusiast, who simply goes by Josie, published a TikTok video on her account (@josieliftsthings) trying 100PLUS for the first time.

Initially intrigued, it wasn't long before the video took a rather peculiar turn.

After taking a sip of the canned drink in the 16-second feature, Josie appears to let out a small gag before announcing her displeasure for the drink in a lighthearted and comedic manner.

"That tastes like a vodka lime soda but without the vodka. Oh, that one is not for me!" she exclaimed before asking her audience if they like the drink.

Josie after trying 100plus.

Image via @josieliftsthings (TikTok)

Since publishing it, the video has garnered almost 800,000 views and more than 50,000 likes on TikTok

Many Malaysians found humour in her observation, and couldn't help but join in the comicality over the video.

A couple of cheeky responders questioned Josie's observation, with one user simply telling her, "HOW DARE YOU."

Another jokingly affirmed that 100PLUS is the Malaysian equivalent of vodka.

One commenter, however, seemed to agree with Josie's take and said that it is the worst canned drink they've ever had.

Since arriving to Malaysia, Josie has indulged in multiple local delicacies and documented her experiences on TikTok

Some other items Josie has tried thus far include MILO, teh tarik in a can, nasi lemak, cendol, and Penang char kuey teow.

Some of Josie's TikTok videos in Malaysia.

Image via @josieliftsthings (TikTok)

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Watch the full video of Josie trying 100PLUS for the first time below:

If you didn't know, there are 100PLUS popsicles that work just as well as the drink:

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