FamilyMart, MyBurgerLab, Pizza Hut & Other Valentine's Day Promos You Don't Wanna Miss

Promos that will steal your heart.

Cover image via Starbucks Malaysia/Facebook & Cold Stone Creamery/Facebook

1. FamilyMart

You know what's better than one ice cream? TWO. FamilyMart is offering a buy one, free one promo on any of its Sofuto ice cream flavours. Bring your partner or if you're single, enjoy both ice creams! :P 

This sweet treat is exclusive for members, who will receive two additional vouchers after purchase.

The promo is valid from 13 February to 15 February.

Find out more here.

2. Cold Stone Creamery

Enjoy one Love It Size ice cream bowl from Cold Stone Creamery and get another free!

This promotion is valid today, 14 February. 

You can find out more here

3. llaollao

llaollao is promoting two tubs of frozen yogurt on Valentine's Day!

Choose either two small tubs for a combo price of RM19.90 or one small tub and one medium tub for RM23.90. 

This promo is valid from 14 to 16 February.

Find out more here.

4. Pizza Hut

Enjoy a cheesy slice of pizza with your partner at Pizza Hut! You can get the 'Pizza Heart' ala carte at RM39.90 or choose from several meal combos:

Pizza Hearty Meal A: [RM49.90]

- One regular 'Pizza Heart'
- Two 'Chocolate Freeze'
- One 'Molten Lava Cake' with ice cream

Hearty A-La-Carte [RM39.90]

Comes with three options;
- Aloha Chicken,
- Hawaiian Chicken, and
- Pepperoni Beef/Chicken.

Pizza Hearty Meal B: [RM59.90]
- One regular 'Pizza Heart'
- Two 'Chocolate Freeze'
- Two cream of mushroom soups
- One bowl of 'Mamma Mia Meatballs'
- One 'Molten Lava Cake' with ice cream

Find out more here.

5. Burger King

Who needs fancy restaurants when you can get two main courses at Burger King. 

Just choose one out of the four choices of set meals that they have. The meal comes with two burgers, two fries, and two drinks for only RM14! 

This deal is valid until 16 February.

You can find out more here.

6. Starbucks

Enjoy two Grande-sized promotional beverages at RM28 with your partner!

Hurry! It's only available from 5pm - 8pm on 14 February

Find out more here.

7. 7-Eleven

7-Eleven is joining in on the promos too. 

Introducing the 'Whitepink Aiskleem'. 

It is made out of fruity flavours from lychee and rose. You can choose to have it in a cone or with a bowl. They also have strawberry popping pearls that you can add as a topping!

Find out more here.

8. Kind Kones

Single people can get one free flourless sweet potato brownie, when you go in a group of three or more and spend a minimum of RM50.

Those who are dating get 10% off and those married or engaged can get 15% off.

This offer is valid for redemption only when you show proof that you're following Kind Kones on social media.

You can find out more here.

9. KFC

Image via KFC Malaysia

For couples who are tight on a budget, fret not.

Enjoy the KFC Bargain Feast!

Get six pieces of KFC chicken, whipped potato, and drinks from only RM28.90.

Bargain Feast six-piece combo (RM28.90)
- Six pieces of chicken,
- One large whipped potato, and
- One 1.5L Pepsi bottle.

Bargain Feast 10-piece combo (RM47.90)

- 10 pieces of chicken,
- One large whipped potato, and
- One 1.5L Pepsi bottle.

Bargain Feast 12-piece combo (RM55.90)

- 12 pieces of chicken,
- One large whipped potato, and
- One 1.5L Pepsi bottle. 

This promotion is valid from 11 February onwards.

You can find out more here.

10. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Single people, you can pamper yourself this Valentine's Day too!

Enjoy a 12oz 'Sakura Dream Ice Blended' beverage for only RM10.

Remember to show the 'Finger Love' gesture to the cashier to enjoy this deal.

Promotion is only valid on 14 February.

For couples, you can get the buy one, free one promo on 'Sakura Dream Ice Blended' beverage.

This promotion only works when the 'Heart Shape' gesture is shown from both you and your partner.
Promotion is only valid on 14 February. 

11. Manhattan Fish Market

The Manhattan Fish Market has a new dessert in town! The 'Strawberry Mud Pie'.

Make a reservation and order two mains or a sharing platter to enjoy this deal!

Available from 8 February to 16 February.

12. Xing Fu Tang

Xing Fu Tang is having a buy one, free one promotion on its soft serve ice cream!⁣

Your choice of ice cream is 'Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Boba⁣' or the 'Strawberry Dream⁣'.

The promotion is valid until 16 February.

13. myBurgerLab

There are multiple Valentine's Day promotions to "win" at myBurgerLab. 

All you need to do is:

  1. Visit their Instagram page and click on their face filters.
  2. Play it in front of the cashier at any Lab from 7 to 29 February and get yourself the deal you land on.

Remember, stories must be taken in front of the cashier in-store to be eligible and tag @myburgerlab to qualify!  

We tried out the filter for ourselves! Here's how it looks: 

Find out more here.

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