Vietnam Boba Shop Added Green Onions Into Their Milk Tea & People Actually Tried It

Vietnam, are y'all okay?

Cover image via YOUNG Tea & Coffee (Facebook) & @youngcoffeetea (Instagram)

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A milk tea shop in Vietnam has done the unfathomable — mixing chopped green onions with their milk tea D:

The shop is called Young Coffee & Tea and it's based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

VGT TV reported that the trend of mixing the unlikely ingredients quickly caught the attention of several TikTok content creators who dared to try it.

Some even recreated versions of the drink with other bubble tea brands.

According to the store, the abominable drink began as a joke, but then they decided to actually sell it

One of the reviews showed that the drink is being sold on ShopeeFood and Grab for around VND49,000 (RM9).

Their caption states that the milk tea comes topped with 'cheese', water chestnuts, and a 'cat's paw,' while the green onion toppings are served separately on the side. So, you have the choice to add them in or not.

Not everyone bought into it, hoping that it was solely a joke. 

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Has it become a trend now?

Several other shops followed suit and posted videos and photos of the combination.

Although both captions imply that theirs might have just been an April Fool's joke...

... Please let it just be a joke.

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