Westerners Are Calling Hot Pot 'Broth Fondue' And It's Making Our Asian Blood Boil

This story may or may not get hot pot fans' tempers 'boiling'.

Cover image via OH SO DELICIOSO/Pinterest & SAYS/Imgflip

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A Pinterest recipe recently surfaced on social media and it has caused confusion among netizens

The 'OH SO DELICIOSO' recipe posted by Californian duo, Des and Kadee, taught Pinterest users how to make a dish to which they bequeathed the name "broth fondue".

In the description of the recipe, the foodie duo explained that this 'broth fondue' is food cooked in a communal pot. The meal consists of hot oil or broth, in which thin slices of meat and veggies would be dipped into the hot liquid to cook.

Des and Kadee's recipe called for ingredients such as beef, shrimp, beef broth, mushrooms, garlic, and potatoes, just to name a few.

The duo also said that this dish was sometimes called "fondue bourguignonne" or "meat fondue".

Mmmkayyy, you know what else also consists of broth, raw ingredients to be cooked in a communal pot, and is meant to be shared with a group of people?


I mean, points for name creativity, but is it really necessary to call it anything other than hot pot?

Image via SAYS/Imgflip
Image via SAYS/Imgflip

The recipe has sparked controversy on Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits.

Some netizens seemed to find the term 'broth fondue' hilarious and didn't hold back when talking about the unconventional name

Some joked that they were going to be calling hot pot 'broth fondue' from now on while others pretended that it was a different dish altogether.

Image via Facebook

However, other netizens tried to defend the unusual term by explaining that fondue can consist of anything, even broth, so it wasn't wrong to call it 'broth fondue'

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Call it whatever you want, but for the sake of your dining experience at hot pot restaurants, try to stick to the original name, okay?

You might just receive a noodle smack from the waiters if you try that term on them.

Image via Mothership

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