Do You Eat MAGGI Noodles The Same Way As Everyone Else? Here's What M'sians Voted For!

87% said they would add extra ingredients, and sayur makes up half of it :O

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In collaboration with MAGGI, we ran a poll to find out how Malaysians eat their MAGGI Kari Noodles. Over 14,000 people revealed their opinions. Here's what we found out:

1. Malaysians enjoy MAGGI all day long—breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, you name it

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That being said, late-night supper and dinner were the obvious preferences for indulging in a bowl of MAGGI, with 61% and 19% of the votes respectively.

2. Malaysians really love their Kari!

With over 10,000 people voting for it, MAGGI Mi Kari is clearly a CONFIRMED WINNER! But perhaps they have not tried the other flavours? Apart from MAGGI Mi Kari, we like MAGGI Mi Asam Laksa too... jangan tak cuba!

3. Springy noodles are the way to go. More than 10,000 Malaysians love their noodles cooked perfectly until they’re firm and bouncy.

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Psst… do you know why the noodles so firm and bouncy? Because it is made from 100% Australian wheat.

4. It seems that Malaysians enjoy adding fresh ingredients to their MAGGI noodles to make it a delicious, balanced bowl

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Even though almost 1,800 Malaysians said that MAGGI is perfect just the way it is, the rest feel that MAGGI noodles taste even more delicious with added fresh ingredients.

Just looking at that photo is making us DROOL!

5. With 64% of the votes, egg is definitely Malaysia's favourite extra addition. It's the simplest ingredient that's packed full of protein!

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It was a pretty close race between the other extra ingredients: seafood got 11%, tofu slices / taupok / fu chuk got 8%, and shredded chicken got 4%.

6. Looks like Malaysians have a clear preference on whether to kacau the telur or not...

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61% said that they would let the telur poach in the soup, 25% said that they would kacau it, and 6% said that they would separately goreng a telur mata.

7. Malaysians also love to tambah sayur into their MAGGI

55% said they would add sayur, with sawi and cabbage as the top favourites!

8. And finally, it turns out that 48% of Malaysians simply enjoy their MAGGI Mi Kari with just telur and sayur—nothing else!

Why? Because they just love to savor the kari flavor as it is! Wah, so syok ah? Ya, because it's made from a great blend of 12 spices, cooked sampai pecah minyak, to give THAT delicious signature taste!

We can now all confirm that MAGGI is definitely a Malaysian favourite. It's syok on its own and even more syok with added ingredients!

That little sachet of powder that's packed full of flavour is made from a signature blend of 12 spices. Cumin, chili, nutmeg, turmeric, clove, fenugreek, black pepper, cardamom, ginger, star anise, paprika, and coriander are all combined and cooked sampai pecah minyak. Mmmm, we can taste all that kari goodness already!

Whether it’s a telur, ayam, or sayur, add in your favourite fresh ingredients to make your favourite meal even more delicious and balanced for your family’s enjoyment any time of the day.

BRB, we're gonna go make ourselves a bowl with all our favourite ingredients right now.

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