10-Year-Old Boy's Outdoor Activity In China Leads To The Discovery Of 11 Dinosaur Eggs

He was looking for tools to crack open a walnut when he noticed a strange-looking 'stone'.

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A boy in China recently discovered dinosaur eggs while he was playing near a river

10-year-old Zhang Yangzhe was looking for tools to crack open a walnut when he noticed a strange-looking "stone" with circles on it.

According to The Sun, the boy was playing by the Dong River in Heyuan, Guangdong Province, China.

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Zhang suspected that the stone was a dinosaur egg because of its strange patterns

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The boy shared that he recognised the patterns because he had seen them in a museum before. 

Zhang immediately called out to his mum, Li Xiaofang to inspect the stone and she agreed that it could be a dinosaur egg. 

Li decided to contact the authorities and guarded the eggs while waiting for them to arrive. 

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Excavators confirmed that the stone was indeed a dinosaur egg

Authorities from Heyuan Dinosaur Museum began to excavate the site and found another 10 dinosaur eggs. 

According to LadBible, the 3.5-inch eggs were revealed to be about 66 million years old. 

The eggs have been taken to the museum to carry out more tests to determine the type of dinosaur eggs.

Image via Lad Bible

Li shared that her son loves science which made this discovery very exciting

“I have learned this knowledge from books and from the cultural corridor at school," said Zhang, adding that different dinosaur eggs have different shapes as he has seen them in the museum before.

However, this discovery may not come off as a surprise to Heyuan locals, as the city is known to be the "home of dinosaurs".

According to NextShark, over 17,000 dinosaur eggs have been dug out of Heyuan since 1996, resulting in the city to open a dinosaur museum.

Image via NextShark

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