13 UPNM Students Charged With Zulfarhan's Death Are Allowed To Resume Their Studies

They will also be provided with counselling to deal with trauma.

Cover image via Muhd Zaaba Zakeria/NST

UPDATE, 18 June:

In a shocking news yesterday, 16 June, Higher Education Minister Idris Jusoh has said that all 13 UPNM students who were charged with voluntarily causing harm to Navy cadet officer Zulfarhan will be allowed to continue their studies

The 13 students are currently on bail until the re-mention of the case on 14 August.

Seen below are the 13 students of the National Defense University of Malaysia (UPNM), who were brought into the Jalan Duta Magistrate's Court for allegedly hurting the Navy cadet officer, Zulkarnain Osman Zulfarhan on 22 May.

The 13 are part of the 36 students who were arrested after Zulfarhan died on 1 June.

While five were charged with murdering Zulfarhan and another student was charged with abetting the crime, these 13 were charged with voluntarily causing hurt to force Zulfarhan to confess about the alleged theft of a laptop.

All of the 13 students are 21 years old. You can read their names here.

On the other hand, 17 suspects were released on bail pending further investigations.

Bernama quoted the Higher Education Minister saying that the decision was taken by UPNM officials to give the 13 students the opportunity to continue their courses

"The 13 students who were released are still UPNM students and they should be treated as such," Idris was quoted by Bernama, who added that the students will be allowed to do so until the court made a decision on the charges against them.

A file photo of Idris Jusoh.

Image via The Malaysian Insight

He added that counselling will be provided to all the 13 students to overcome their emotional disorders and trauma

"All of them will be given counselling to overcome their emotional disorders and trauma if any," the Higher Education Minister was quoted as saying by Bernama.

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