19-Year-Old Reunites With Mother After Being Trapped In A Job Scam Syndicate For 8 Months

The 19-year-old victim was lured into the scam after he came across an ad for a high-paying job in Kelantan.

Cover image via Kwong Wah Daily

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A 19-year-old had a sweet and tearful reunion with his mother, whom he has not been able to see for eight months after he was trafficked to Myanmar by a job scam syndicate

According to China Press, the young adult had fallen victim to the syndicate after accepting a job offer in Kelantan that promised him a high salary.

After he arrived in Kelantan, he was forcefully brought to Thailand before being shipped off to Myanmar.

The victim said that he was still awake and conscious while the traffickers were shipping him to Thailand but he was too afraid to resist or to find a way to escape.

There was another local victim who was in the same predicament as him. Unfortunately, the victim is still in the process of being rescued.

The 19-year-old relayed the terrifying experience, saying, "After many twists and turns, I was sent to KK Park (casino in Myanmar). I was forced to conduct cyber frauds. I was slapped for making mistakes or when I failed to meet their standards."

"I was scared. I called my mother for a week, crying and asking her to come save me," the youth said while recalling his experience when he was captured.

Mother and son finally reunited.

Image via Kwong Wah Daily

In a press conference held by Penang Front Party (PFT) chairman Ong Seong Lu, the victim's mother recounted the lengths she had taken in order to save her son from his predicament

The 57-year-old tailor told reporters that she received a call from her son, not long after he left for the supposed job. She said that her son called her to ask for RM50,000 so he could pay for his release. She initially thought it was a scam and did not oblige.

The duo found difficulty contacting each other again after the phone call. But by this time, the mother was resolved to rescue her son one way or another.

The 57-year-old found help in the Malaysia International Humanitarian Organisation (MHO) and the PFP chairman and the mother expressed her gratitude for their support and efforts to get her son back.

She also thanked Victor Wong, who played a significant role in helping her get her son back by being the middleman for the arrangements.

Despite helping the rescue operation in such a big way, the mother said that Wong had not asked for a single cent from her.

"Without Wong, I don't know how I would have saved my son. Thank you, Wong," the emotional mother said to Wong as the victim also took the opportunity to shake hands with one of his rescuers.

The mother and son reunited at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 1 (KLIA1). Another local youth, who was also a victim of a job scam, was rescued as well.

MHO secretary-general Datuk Hishamuddin Hashim reminded the 19-year-old that he was lucky to have a mother who would stop at nothing to get him back.

"She called us (MHO) every day you know? You have the best mother in the world. You must cherish her. Because she fought for you," Hishamuddin told the youth.

Wong (far left) with the two rescued victims from Myanmar and Hishamuddin (far right)

Image via Malaysia International Humanitarian Organisation - MHO (Facebook)

The victim's mother (middle) thanking the parties involved in the rescue of her son.

Image via Malaysia International Humanitarian Organisation - MHO (Facebook)

During the press conference at the KLIA1, Hishamuddin said it was a lucky day for them as they managed to save two job scam victims this time round

He said that it is uncommon for them to be able to save victims from Myanmar, and it is even harder to rescue them if they have already been captured and taken away.

The secretary-general thanked Wong, the Thailand police force, the Malaysian embassy stationed in Thailand, and the representatives of the Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Anti-Smuggling of Migrants Act 2007 (ATIPSOM 2007) for their efforts and cooperation in helping to bring the two victims back to Malaysia.

Wong also spoke at the press conference, promising to bring more job scam victims back to Malaysia.

Many Malaysians have fallen victim to job scams after being lured in with the promise of a high-paying position:

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