2 Customers Found Live Cockroaches In Cakes Bought From Popular Mini Mart Chain

They went to different outlets of the same franchise.

Cover image via We Are Malaysians/Facebook & Srisuresh Gita/YouTube

Two customers found families of living cockroaches in cakes they bought from different outlets of one local mini-market franchise recently

The first customer, Sureshgita Vpp, took to Facebook to share the displeasure of his discovery in a cake he bought at a branch in Puchong last Tuesday, 3 March.

"Be careful when purchasing at these outlets. Today this bakery brand affected, tomorrow maybe some other brand," he wrote in the post.

"The cockroaches are still alive. Actually we throw some already. But still alive. Terrible," he said with disappointment in the video showing the moving insects.

Coincidentally, as Sureshgita had warned, another customer had the same experience just five days after he made the post

The other customer, Abdul Rehman, sent Facebook group We Are Malaysians a video of the cockroaches he found in a cake bought at a branch of the same franchise in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday, 8 March.

"I'm making this video because I want to let you know after you buy things, make sure everything is okay," he said in the video, showing the receipt as proof it was bought from the store.

He then opened the cake packaging to show the cockroaches that he found inside after bringing it home. He said they were still alive.

Abdul Rehman said he went back to the convenience store to ask the staff about the cockroaches

However, he was unimpressed when the staff did not claim responsibility over the error, saying that they cannot stop cockroaches from crawling into the products and added that the supplier brings them the items like that.

Furthermore, when asked for a refund, they told him to buy another cake.

Meanwhile, Sureshgita has since wrote letters of complaint to both the mini market chain and the bakery that supplied them the cakes

He wrote that a manager from the bakery had personally seen him on 3 March, the day that he found the cockroach, and collected the cake as evidence for their investigation.

However, both parties have yet to get back to him.

SAYS has reached out to the bakery and the convenience store for a statement on the issue.

Recently, another man found a cockroach egg in his food but was dismissed by the restaurant that served it:

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