2 Men On Kapcai Harass & Assault A Female Student While She Was Walking To Publika

One of the men bit the victim's hand, while another attacked her with a stick, wounding her.

Cover image via @lucidsoda (Instagram)

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UPDATE, 23 April:

The two men have been arrested. Read here.

Last night, 21 April, a woman and her friend were on the way to Publika on foot, when they were catcalled by two men on a kapcai

The woman, who is a student here, said that she and her friend disregarded the men at first but the men approached them on their kapcai repeatedly, prompting the two women to run to a nearby school.

"We disregarded them but then they came up from behind us once more — this time they rode against the traffic," she wrote on her Instagram page @lucidsoda, where the post has since gone viral.

In one of the videos she posted from the incident last night, the men on the kapcai are seen "waving" at her and her friend, who can be heard asking to check if it's the same men.

The woman is heard questioning the men for their behaviour and why are they harassing her and her friend. The men don't say anything and simply keep waving as they are seen driving away.

The victim consented to let SAYS use her Instagram post for this story.

The men on the kapcai also physically attacked the woman

When they realised that the men on the kapcai had turned up onto the walkway and were coming towards them, the woman and her friend screamed to draw attention and yelled at them to leave them alone.

This prompted the 25-year-old to open up her phone camera to record.

"When they were up ahead my friend noticed they had stopped to pick something up and [turned] back towards us. We moved up to the main road view and so did they," she continued in the post.

However, when the woman and her friend realised that the men on the kapcai could easily attack them from that proximity, they ran back down near the school.

"That's when one of the men (wearing a white [t-shirt]) quickly jumped off his bike and ran to attack us. My friend managed to escape but I didn't. He slipped and fell as he took a swing [at] me with a large stick and I took that opportunity to beat him up while he was down," she recounted.

The man, however, bit her arm.

In her Instagram Story, the female student posted photos showing the bite mark.

As she struggled, she noticed that the attacker's friend had jumped off the kapcai and ran towards her. "So I turned to run, I wasn't fast enough and felt one of them hit me on my back with the stick," she wrote.

In her Instagram post, the victim uploaded multiple photos and videos showing the wound — a big red circle — she suffered on her back around the right side of her shoulder blade.

According to the woman's post, there was a security guard from the school who came to her rescue by opening a gate for her and her friend to run into for safety. Seeing this, the men escaped the scene.

Immediately after the incident, the woman went to make a report at a police station in Segambut from where she was later directed to go to the Sentul district police headquarters, she told this SAYS writer

The woman shared a copy of the police report she made.

Free Malaysia Today reported that Sentul district police chief ACP Beh Eng Lai confirmed that a report has been lodged over the incident and that police were "still hunting" the men down.

While briefly speaking to this SAYS writer, the woman further shared that the police have identified the owner of the kapcai, whose number she had noted and shared in her Instagram post.

"The sergeant at the station also went and spoke to the security guard at the school," she added.

She also went to get her wound checked last night

According to her, by the time she was done with her medical report, it was already 3am.

"I have a muscle tear (minor) and a soft tissue injury," she shared.

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