24-Year-Old M'sian Shares The Stigma She Faced Working As A Cleaner While Pursuing Degree

Rosa expressed her desire to inspire the younger generation, encouraging them not to shy away from jobs that are often stigmatised.

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A Malaysian girl recently took to social media to share her journey from working as a part-time cleaner to earning a degree from the Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt

In a tweet published last week, Rosa Aida recounted the prejudices that she had to endure while working as a part-time cleaner.

Undeterred by the harsh judgements, the graduate proudly shared that she managed to earn a Bachelor of Islamic Studies degree.

"I used to work as a cleaner, and people used to look down upon me. Now Alhamdullilah, I have managed to graduate from the Al-Azhar University in Egypt," she tweeted proudly.

In a conversation with SAYS, Rosa shared that she was never discouraged by the criticism, as she believes that the job played a huge role in moulding her into a more mature person

The 24-year-old stated, "When faced with criticism, I just smiled because I believe that the job has equipped me with the maturity to face the future."

She also expressed her pride in working as a cleaner, as it gave her the opportunity to forge a strong bond with the elderly people.

Rosa stated that she always spent her semester breaks travelling back to Malaysia to work so that she could become a self-reliant woman in the future

"My purpose of working was to make the most of my free time and to become an independent woman in the future," she said.

During one of those breaks, she travelled to Malaysia and worked as a cleaner for one and a half months.

Apart from working as a cleaner, Rosa added that she worked in restaurants as well as sold online top-ups for mobile during her breaks. 

She also stated that she wanted to be an inspiration to the younger generation, encouraging them not to shy away from jobs that are often stigmatised but to embrace and accept such opportunities wholeheartedly.

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