Indonesia Launches New High-Speed Rail That's Faster Than Japan's Shinkansen

Travelling at a maximum speed of 350km/hour, the train is aptly named 'Whoosh'.

Cover image via Willy Kurniawan/Reuters

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Indonesia has just opened the country's first high-speed rail to the public after years of delay and cost issues

According to Reuters, the 142km railway connects Jakarta to Bandung. Its trains can ferry up to 600 passengers and travel up to a speed of 350km/hour.

The railway, called 'Whoosh', is also the first high-speed rail to be built in Southeast Asia, and at a maximum speed of 350km/hour, is faster than Japan's renowned bullet trains.

The Whoosh trains will shorten the travel time from Jakarta to Bandung from three hours to only 45 minutes

Indonesian President Joko Widodo, also known as Jokowi, said its name is inspired by the sound of a rushing high-speed train.

According to BBC, the railway's name is also an acronym for 'Waktu Hemat, Operasi Optimal, Sistem Hebat', which translates to 'time saving, optimal operation, great system'.

The high-speed rail is said to operate on electricity and has zero direct carbon emissions.

Jokowi inaugurated the USD7.3 billion (RM34 billion) project on Monday, 2 October

The project, initially set to be completed in 2019, was delayed due to the pandemic and land acquisition problems, incurring higher costs.

However, the project was also backed by China, as it is part of China's Belt and Road Initiative.

Jokowi said the railway is one of many methods that would ease traffic congestion, and called it "the modernisation of Indonesia's mass transportation".

Indonesian President Jokowi at the launch of the Whoosh railway in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Image via Willy Kurniawan/Reuters

Trial rides on the bullet train will be free until mid-October, after which ticket prices will be implemented

While ticket prices for the train have not been finalised, the company behind the train estimates that a one-way ticket may cost between IDR250,000 (approximately RM75) and IDR350,000 (RM105).

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