3 Kids Crack Open Display Case To Remove Minnie Mouse LEGO In PJ Playhouse

Their dad apparently didn't do anything about it.

Cover image via BLOKKE/Facebook

A playhouse in Petaling Jaya recently posted about three "boisterous" kids cracking open their display case to 'remove' a Minnie Mouse figure on Friday night, 24 August

In a Facebook post, BLOKKE playhouse in Citta Mall expressed their disappointment after they found out that one of their toy figures had been taken and not returned by a group of children.

Image via BLOKKE/Facebook

CCTV footage showed the trio cracking open a kid-safe acrylic box that keeps LEGO sets for viewing purposes

They then brought the Minnie Mouse figure to their dad who was said to be busy on his phone.

Image via BLOKKE/Facebook

BLOKKE went on to say that the dad may have either failed to notice his children's mischief or did not care to inform the management of the incident

LEGO sets are safeguarded in the transparent cases for viewing pleasure as they hold special significance to their owners, the post mentioned.

The Minnie Mouse minifigure is only available as part of the limited edition LEGO Creator Disney Castle set, which costs between RM1,700-RM2,600 in Malaysia, BLOKKE told SAYS.

Image via BLOKKE/Facebook

The playhouse added that it is not their intention to shame the family. However, they hope that this incident reminds parents to pay close attention to their children.

The company told SAYS that they are unable to contact the children's parents as they do not have their contact details, but they hope that the family will return the toy figure.

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