M'sian Man Shocked That His Sister's Order For 30 Sticks Of Satay Cost More Than RM100

His sister bought 15 sticks of chicken satay, 15 sticks of beef satay, and two packs of nasi impit, which totalled RM107.

Cover image via @adiehussin94 (Twitter)

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Satay is an essential Malaysian food loved by many families across the country

Unfortunately, the price of this signature dish has gone up over the years because restaurants have had to charge much more for it while adapting to the country's economic situation.

One Malaysian man, @adiehussin94, was surprised that his sister had to pay slightly over RM100 when she brought home several sticks of satay from a restaurant in Cheras.

"My sister bought satay and I have to ask netizens, is this cheap or expensive? Or is this the standard price now?" he wrote on Twitter, adding photos of the satay and the receipt of purchase.

The man also told SAYS that the restaurant printed the wrong date on the receipt, adding that his sister went to the restaurant on 13 March 2023, not 12 March 2024.

According to the receipt, his sister bought 15 sticks of chicken satay, 15 sticks of beef satay, and two packs of nasi impit, which totalled RM107.

Each chicken satay stick cost RM2.90, while each stick of beef satay cost RM3.90.

His tweet went viral and sparked a discussion among netizens who mostly agreed that the satay sold at the restaurant is overpriced

One user commented that on average, a stick of chicken satay would cost less than RM1.50.

"The satay at R&R (rest and recreation) Dengkil is the best. They have a lot of meat and they're cheap. I've ordered over 40 sticks of satay there and it only cost slightly over RM40," they wrote.

Other users also agreed that the price charged at the restaurant is too expensive.

"That price is so scary," wrote a user.

Food reviewer and social media influencer @CeddyOrNot also joined the discussion, asking whether the satay is made of wagyu beef.

As of writing, the man's tweet has garnered over 1.8 million views with over 2,100 retweets.

Meanwhile, in February, a Malaysian woman shared a video on social media about her experience being scammed by a popular Middle Eastern restaurant in Bukit Bintang:

Another Malaysian was also taken aback by the price of their lunch when they were charged so much for two plates of rice with simple side dishes:

Meanwhile, a Singaporean family was stunned by the price of their kailan when they received their bill:

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