Family Stunned By RM300 Bill For 2 Plates Of Kailan

The kailan was the most expensive item on their bill, which came up to RM1,331 in total.

Cover image via Petitchef & Sin Chew Daily

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A Singaporean family was taken aback when they received their bill after dining at a restaurant on Deepavali public holiday on Monday, 24 October

The man who made the claims, known only as Mr Lin, stated that he had brought his friends and family to the restaurant located at VivoCity for dim sum for lunch. There were seven adults and two children in the group, reported Shin Min Daily News.

He received the bill after they finished eating, which came up to SGD397.65 (RM1,331.14). But the family was surprised to see that the most expensive item on the bill was the two plates of kailan they ordered, which cost SGD91.20 (RM305.29).

Image via Sin Chew Daily

The family had intended to order just one plate of kailan, but their server convinced them that one plate would not be enough for their large group

"We ordered fried Hong Kong kailan in oyster sauce. Based on our group size, the service staff recommended a large portion. We didn't realise until later that the two large plates were SGD91.20 (RM305.29) before tax, making each plate SGD45.60 (RM152.65)," said Lin.

He continued to say that he was confused that a large plate costs more than twice as much as a regular portion of kailan, which he said costs SGD22.80 (RM76.32).

Lin revealed that he, too, is in the food and beverage industry and keeps an eye on food costs.

"I understand that vegetable prices have been rising, but I was still surprised when I received the bill. If the staff had told me that a large portion costs twice as much as a regular one, I would have ordered two regular portions instead," he added.

Image via Petitchef

In an email response to his complaint, the restaurant apologised for not informing him of the price of the kailan when he ordered

The restaurant explained in the email that the dish is typically priced per person. Still, the server should not have proceeded with the order if that information had not been communicated.

The email went on to say that the server had ordered a bigger potion as the diner is a regular customer at their restaurant, and they had ordered based on their eating habits.

The manager apologised, stating that the server should not have done so and that in the future, they will "remind the team that they have to confirm the portions ordered for large groups" to avoid any further misunderstandings.

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