"This Portion Is For Babies" — M'sian Woman Frustrated With The Size Of Her RM9 Meal

Netizens responded to the woman's post by sharing photos of the portions they received in previous meals.

Cover image via Facebook

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A Malaysian woman recently expressed her displeasure on Facebook after receiving a small bowl of food that did not meet her expectations of a RM9 meal

In the post, the woman named the restaurant and said it is located in Ampang.

"I understand that we are dealing with inflation, but please don't be so unreasonable when running a business," the woman said.

Image via Facebook

The portion of meat that was served to her was so small that she compared it to a baby's meal

She continued to say that she had ordered pork belly with salted fish and a plate of rice but received the pork belly in a tiny bowl.

"I did not order and pay RM9 for a plate of rice with side dishes," she said.

Image via Facebook

The woman's post resonated with some netizens, who related stories of having paid for food that fell short of their expectations

One user stated that she, too, paid RM9 for her meal and that while she did not mind the price, she lost her appetite after looking at her meal.

Image via Facebook

Some cases, however, were a little better than others.

"I paid RM6 for this vinegar pork leg, added rice, and it was only RM7," said another.

Image via Facebook

Another user said she paid RM8 for a plate of chicken rice with roast chicken thigh and beansprouts.

Image via Facebook

In July, a netizen could not believe his ears when a shop charged him RM10 for a plate of mixed rice with tiny portions of meat, tofu, and broccoli:

A Malaysian lok lok seller recently took to Facebook to express her anger towards customers who break her bamboo sticks after eating at her stall:

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