Lok Lok Seller Furious People Broke Her Bamboo Sticks As She Claims They Are 'Reusable'

"For those concerned about hygiene, how often do you suck on bamboo sticks?"

Cover image via Lok Lok Malaysia & Facebook

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A Malaysian lok lok seller took to Facebook to express her anger towards customers who break her bamboo sticks after eating at her stall

In the Facebook post shared in the KL娱乐站 group, the seller complained that she's sick of people who do not appreciate the free cutlery provided at her stall.

"Stop destroying other people's property, it's not free, and we have to buy the bamboo sticks with our own money!" said the seller.

She went on to say that in the future, she would post a sign at her stall asking customers to return used bamboo sticks.

Image via Facebook

The seller continued to slam netizens who questioned whether it is hygienic to reuse bamboo sticks

"For those concerned about hygiene, how often do you suck on bamboo sticks?" she asked.

She also stated that it is not typical for customers to bite on the bamboo sticks, as most people would put them down once they have finished eating.

She proceeded to compare her stall to a hotpot restaurant, claiming that people would not break the cutlery provided and then throw it into the soup.

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Image via Lok Lok Malaysia

She shared a picture of broken bamboo sticks in her Facebook post and wrote that they are no longer cheap due to inflation

"If you eat at a friend's house, would you break their spoon and fork once you're done with the meal?" she chided.

She ended the post by asking netizens to stop breaking her bamboo sticks at her stall.

She received criticism for the post from other netizens and has since deleted it from the page.

Image via Facebook

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