31-Year-Old Jailed For Faking Diploma To Get Job As A Fire Safety Manager

He also put himself as his two referees' contacts.

Cover image via OTS Abroad

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A man in Singapore has been slapped with a three-week jail sentence after he submitted a forged diploma for a fire safety manager job

31-year-old Muhammad Rasul Kadir Ali was jailed on Wednesday, 5 October, after he pleaded guilty to two charges of using a forged polytechnic document and one charge of cheating by personation.

For faking his diploma, Rasul could have been sentenced to up to four years in jail or a fine, or both. He could have been jailed for up to five years or fined, or both for cheating by personation.

The man also put himself as his two referees' contacts to impersonate them and provide good feedback about himself in the application

Rasul was caught after a human resourcs manager at SPH Retail Property Management Services called the two referees and noticed their voices sounded the same. She grew suspicious and conducted a check.

According to deputy public prosecutor (DPP) V Jesudevan, Rasul was initially reluctant to fake the diploma but went ahead with it in a bid to avoid spending two years in school to get the proper qualifications.

"The prospect of having to wait two years to obtain the proper qualification (to become a fire safety manager) led him to change his mind even though he knew it was wrong," the DPP said.

Rasul also submitted the forged diploma to another company.

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