36-Year-Old Dies During Job Interview Because Of Overworking In Previous Job

He collapsed while answering questions.

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A 36-year-old man died during a job interview last Tuesday, 26 November

He was in the middle of answering questions when all of a sudden he collapsed.

After realising that he had lost consciousness and control of his bladder, his interviewers immediately rushed him to a nearby hospital in Hangzhou, China.

However, despite doctors' attempts to save him, it was too late

AsiaOne reported that the man had died from a sudden cardiac arrest.

"We heard that he often overworked in his previous job, which was why he was out looking for a new one," one of the interviewers told Chinese publication The Paper.

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Image via Men's Health

In August, Kuala Lumpur was ranked as one of the top five cities with the worst work-life balance

US-based security system company Kisi conducted the study based on 40 cities, including Tokyo, Singapore, and Washington.

Some of the factors listed were long working hours and high city stress due to dense population, transport, and infrastructure, climate, and economy.

The study placed Kuala Lumpur fourth in the list among the top five most overworked cities.

Just recently, Taiwanese-Candian actor Godfrey Gao also reportedly died because he overworked:

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