4WD Accidentally Runs Over 6-Year-Old Girl Who Was Playing In Front Of Her Home

She was cycling with her friends when the incident happened.

Cover image via Info Roadblock JPJ/Polis (Facebook)

A six-year-old girl was killed after getting hit by a four-wheel drive (4WD) while she was playing just outside her home in Terengganu

The victim, Nur Aira Awatif Mohammad Fadzil, was cycling with her friends, seven-year-old Amirah and eight-year-old Amran, when the vehicle struck her in front of her house at Kampung Cacar Baru Paka, Dungun around 3pm on Monday, 31 August.

According to Harian Metro, Dungun police chief Superintendant Baharudin Abdullah confirmed the incident and said that the victim passed away at the scene due to injuries to the head.

The police chief said that the 4WD driver is a 59-year-old man who was on his way to carry out prayers at a surau in the neighbourhood

Baharudin said the man, who is from Setiu, runs a durian business on a main road in Dungun not far from the victim's house.

"When the suspect was going through the kampung road to a surau for Zohor prayers, the victim was said to have suddenly raced out of her house. The driver couldn't avoid her in time and crashed into the child," the police chief said.

The child's parents immediately rushed her to Paka Health Clinic. However, she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

The victim's body was brought to the forensic department in Dungun Hospital's for further investigation before her family collected her body for the funeral

Baharudin added that the case will be investigated under Section 41(1) of the 1987 Road Transport Act for death caused by reckless or dangerous driving.

If found guilty, the suspect will be liable to a jail term between two to 10 years, a fine of between RM5,000 to RM20,000, and will have his driving licence withheld for a minimum of three years.

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